Friday 2 February 2018

Anti cancer food!

Foods rich in antioxidants can help prevent many serious diseases, including cancer. These foods are not unknown to us and some of them are already in our kitchen. So it is good to add them to our diet to shield our organism against any enemy of health.

These are the foods that can fight the onset of cancer:
Chia seeds: Protein-rich and tasty, Chia seeds contain many antioxidants that are associated with the prevention of lung and prostate cancer. They are rich in fibre, which reduces the risk of colon cancer. You can find them in packages and add them to smoothies or puddings.
Red grapes: Resveratrol is not only found in wine. It is one of the ingredients to fight cancer, according to research. The bark of red grapes is rich in resveratrol. Still, purple grapes contain powerful antioxidants. You will find them mainly in the summer. Put them in salads, chicken or whole-wheat bread or you can eat them as a snack.
Nuts: It is also called “super dry fruit” as it contains the double antioxidants from the others. It reduces the risk of bowel and prostate cancer. When cooked, they help the body absorb the nutrients. Add walnuts to salads and yogurt if you do not want to eat them neatly.
Artichokes: Polyphenols in artichokes kill cancer cells of the chest and intestine. They also help in the prevention of lung cancer.
 Bilberries: Bilberries are sweet berries that contain many antioxidants and inhibit many forms of cancer. Blueberries have the greatest antioxidant capacity compared to other fruits. Eat them as snacks or on yogurt.
Brussels sprouts: This vegetable fights the formation of tumours in the bladder, chest, liver, lung and intestine. Brussels sprouts are excellent sources of vitamin C and K. Put them in soups and salads.

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