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A Modern Take on Hygiene: Plastic-Free Period Products For the 21st Century

A Modern Take on Hygiene: Plastic-Free Period Products For the 21st Century image
Out of sight, out of mind. Let's be honest, periods and period products get little to no attention, treated more like a taboo subject than a normal bodily function. However, in the last few years, there’s been a shift. People are beginning to talk.
The threat of plastic pollution and its adverse effects on the environment has gained huge media coverage. Period products are no exception, with the public becoming more aware that the humble tampons and sanitary pads we've been using for years contain high amounts of plastic, and may not be as 'innocent' as once thought. The good news is there are new alternatives coming to market - and Grace & Green is one of them.

Exceptional products that truly deliver

The founder of Grace & Green, Frances Lucraft, whose background spans almost a decade working in water, sanitation and international development (specialising in environmental management, social policy and advocacy), wanted to change the industry for the better. A premium collection of period products crafted from 100% certified organic cotton, the Grace & Green range offers naturally effective absorbency and protection that complies with industry standards - without the use of perfumes and artificial absorbents.
The Grace & Green biodegradable range has been intelligently engineered to protect your body and look after the planet. The Essential Collection consists of tampons (regular, super, super plus), sanitary pads (day and night), and liners.

We need to talk about period plastic

Fran was inspired to launch her own range after witnessing first-hand the environmental damage these products had impacted around the world, most notably in developing countries. "Period products contain up to 90% plastic and are constantly manufactured and discarded, with an estimated 100 billion disposed of annually worldwide," says Fran. "They enter rivers and oceans and end up washed up on beaches, having devastating consequences for our wildlife and natural ecosystems."
A report by the European Commission found that period products are the fifth most common form of waste washed up on beaches. "Seeing for myself the sheer devastation period products were having not just on our infrastructure and economy, but also our environment, was shocking enough for me to want to do something about it," says Fran.

What you put into your body matters

As it is, the industry is rife with uncertainty. Pesticides, chlorine and fragrances are just a few of the potentially harmful ingredients finding their way into our cabinets and bloodstreams. In fact, in European countries, there are stricter regulations for the labelling of pet food than there are for menstrual products. Given that these are products are used for women's most intimate areas, this lack of information is unquestionably wrong.
"There's such minimal research into periods generally, let alone period products and their effects on our bodies. You only have to look at the long list of ingredients in mainstream tampons to know that they cannot be good news for our vaginas," says Fran.
What you put into your body matters. The vagina has a very delicate pH balance and is also highly absorbent. Our products are made using 100% certified organic cotton, meaning they're naturally absorbent, complying with industry standards without the use of perfumes and artificial absorbents.
Grace & Green was founded to challenge the questionable status quo of the feminine hygiene industry. Exceptional hygiene calls for high-quality ingredients that protect your health, without causing major pollution and environmental damage. This should, we feel, go without saying.

Crafting hygiene products with a greater truth

Transparency and authenticity are the core values of Grace & Green. We list our ingredients on our packaging, educate our consumers of the importance of origin and provenance, and craft hygiene products with a greater truth.
Grace & Green was launched in January 2019. "It's taken a huge amount of time and sheer determination, but essentially marks the results of three years of very intense behind-the-scenes work," says Fran. "We work with better materials, improved manufacturing processes, and an evolved style. Our brand and ethos show a concerted effort to do things differently, to act more consciously, whether it be through using recycled packaging and sustainable ingredients, or through our social impact work."

100% superior protection — 0% harm

All Grace & Green products meet the following specifications:
  • 100% GOTS certified, non-GM organic cotton
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Sustainable and recyclable packaging
  • Hypoallergenic and pH neutral
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • 0% synthetics, plastics, chemicals, fragrances, wood pulp, chlorine or bleach
  • Ethical and sustainable operations and manufacturing throughout the supply chain

Being sustainable is our responsibility

Our supply chain is completely free of ingredients like rayon, dioxin, bleaches and chlorine. We choose not to source our raw materials from suppliers that use unethical or unsustainable practices, like child labour and animal testing. We believe it's deeply immoral to produce cosmetics products using animal testing or containing animal byproducts, and the hygiene industry should be no different. Our products and ethos are defined by honesty and provenance. We are cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable - where science meets nature.

Certified organic

Unlike other brands, our product's cores are made entirely using 100% certified organic cotton, rather than just the top layer. We don't compromise with cheaper materials or ingredients, such as wood pulps, rayon or dioxin.

"We're a brand that's quietly changing the game, not only by providing an innovative range of environmental products but also by empowering and working in partnership with charitable initiatives. Grace & Green is ultimately better for women's bodies, but also for the planet. 100% certified organic cotton is completely biodegradable, which is a major plus when we consider that the average sanitary pad will rot in a landfill for up to 800 years!

Our environmental commitment

We practice responsible manufacturing: protecting the environment and the people we work with. Our manufacturing process is among the best in the world, using renewable water energy.
"The good news is that there are now lots of reusable and environmental options out there, such as period pants and menstrual cups. It's just finding what's right for everyone," says Fran. "For us, manufacturing high-end organic period products is a great alternative to the plastic-wrapped, toxin-filled mainstream products most of us are using. But ultimately, I just want to ensure that everyone has the awareness and education needed to make truly informed decisions about what's best for their bodies and the world."

Making a difference

Around the world, women and young girls lead lives deprived of basic dignity. Grace & Green supports some amazing organisations that address acute environmental and social issues connected with periods. It's not just about giving products away, but working on key aspects such as education, access and empowerment for women, providing them with choice and options.
Alongside stocking in health stores and independent pharmacies such as Harrods Pharmacy and John Bell & Croyden, Grace & Green also offers a convenient online subscription service that delivers monthly or quarterly. Our subscription service allows our customers to tailor their order as needed: no setup fee, no long-term commitment. You can pause, edit your product selection or cancel your subscription anytime.
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