Monday 14 January 2019

Good Mood Food!

Unlock the power in you to beat Blue Monday (January 21st). Good Mood Food is the straight-forward, no-nonsense, groundbreaking recipe guide you need to boost your mood and clear that brain fog away.
Using a studious knowledge of nutrition and how what we eat effects the way we feel about ourselves and the choices that we make, authors and nutritionists Charlotte Watts and Natalie Savona have you prepped and ready to beat those January blues and help your soul feel nourished and fed.
Blue Monday is a day we feel deeply. sometimes it lasts all day, sometimes we feel it in June. But January 21st has been deemed the gloom-inducing Blue Monday, that specific time when Christmas spirit has evaporated and bill payment are looming at the same time.
With chapters dedicated to Energy and Brain Fuel, advice on curbing the cyclical nature of the sugar craving, recipes for Gobble Pie and a hearty Frittata, make Good Mood Food part of you eat-better, feel-better toolkit.
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NOURISH eat well | live well
Good Mood Food
Unlock the power of diet to think and feel well
By Charlotte Watts
Based on recipes by Natalie Savona
Dec 20, 2018-Paperback-£10.99
The ultimate guide to using the power of food to improve your mood, energy and mental wellbeing
Mental health and wellbeing have taken centre stage in recent years, with important national conversations about what we can do to promote healthy minds and bodies. It is becoming increasingly accepted that what we eat, our gut health, and even how we eat can have huge effects on our mood and mental state, yet so many people don’t understand why this is, or how to harness this information for optimal health.
In Good Mood Food, leading Nutritional Therapist Charlotte Watts explains the fundamentals of mind-body health, in a comprehensive, clear, and accessible way. She shows how you can use simple nutritional tools to help manage many mood disorders, explaining how and why it all works along the way. It goes without saying that diet affects our physical health, so it should be no surprise that it impacts our mental health too - our brains are part of our bodies after all!
With chapters organised by mood disorder, the reader’s personal experience becomes the route into learning more about the role diet plays in their mental wellbeing. Charlotte explains how to use food to combat the most common issues that affect people of all ages, and discusses specific body mechanisms, underlying causes, symptoms, and nutrient needs that support these for each category: improve your energy levels, focus, resist cravings, reduce anxiety, get more sleep, tackle depression and achieve balanced hormones.
Each chapter also features 6–8 recipes that are perfect to combat respective issues, and ends with meal plans to help you work mood-boosting ingredients into your everyday diet. From IBS to SAD, Good Mood Food draws on the latest research into the human microbiome, mental health, and links between the gut and the brain, and is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to understand a little more about how what they eat affects how they feel – and what to do about it!

About the author:
Charlotte Watts is a nutritional therapist and yoga teacher, and winner of the 2012 CAM Award for Outstanding Practice. She writes regularly for the national press, is a feature blogger for Healthista, nutritional advisor for Ocado and writes regularly for the Mailonline, Om Magazine and What Doctor's Don't Tell You magazine. She has lectured in top UK nutrition colleges and for The Minded Institute. She appeared as the nutritionist/presenter on BBC3's Freaky Eaters and GMTV's Beach Body Boot Camp. She is the author of multiple books, including The De-Stress Effect.
 Natalie Savona’s inspiring, practical approach to balanced eating and simple, tasty recipes have made her one of Britain’s leading nutritionists. Natalie trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, having previously graduated from Cambridge and City universities. She regularly features as an expert in the press and on radio and TV, and has presented two television series for the BBC. 
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