Friday 28 August 2015

Vegan Company Turns Down Google’s $300 Million Buy-Out Offer

The company Google recently bid to buy out 'Impossible Foods,' the creator of the "Impossible Cheeseburger" which looks, cooks, and tastes like 'real' meat.

Forget the hype that vegan food tastes like cardboard, it must be good if the company Google is seeking to buy out a faux cheeseburger company.
As reported by The Information, an unconfirmed report has it that Google recently tried to purchase Impossible Foods, a startup founded by Stanford University professor Patrick Brown. The offer, reported to be around $200 to $300 million, was turned down, however.
The company is the mastermind behind ‘The Impossible Cheeseburger’, a “garden burger” that takes meat alternatives to the next level. In fact, this faux meat offering is designed to look, smell, taste and cook like it came from an animal.
According to the website: 
We looked at animal products at the molecular level, then selected specific proteins and nutrients from greens, seeds, and grains to recreate the wonderfully complex experience of meats and dairy products. For thousands of years we’ve relied on animals as our technology to transform plants into meat, milk, and eggs. Impossible Foods has found a better way.
For good reason, Impossible Foods was listed on CNBC’s Disruptor 50 List in 2015, which features private companies “whose innovations are revolutionizing the business landscape” and “have potential to become billion-dollar businesses.” 
With growing interest in plant-based, sustainable, and more cruelty-free food options, it definitely seems an intelligent business to invest in. Even the UN says that the world needs to shift towards a plant-based, vegan diet to prevent worsening climate change. And now it may be easier, thanks to options produced by companies like Impossible Foods.
Now consumers have access to everything from eggless Mayonnaise to plant-based chicken strips, and the ‘deliciousness’ factor seems to only be improving with time.
It is the intention of Impossible Foods to have its cheeseburgers for sale in stores by next year. The company also wants to make other meat substitutions. Click Here For More Articles

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