Wednesday 5 September 2018

Wonders of green pepper!

Regular consumption of green pepper juice is useful in combating all signs of ageing and keeping our skin healthy forever.

Green peppers are basically green-coloured bell peppers or sweet peppers or capsicum (Capsicum Annum). These medium-sized fruit pods have a wonderful bell shape, thick and brittle skin with glossy outer cover and a fleshy texture.
Due to its moderately pungent flavour, it is categorised as a vegetable rather than spice. However, green peppers not only make our foods savour but also come with a large number of benefits.
Let us explore all those usefulness:
Powerful antioxidants: Green peppers are very powerful antioxidants. They contain plenty of vitamins A, B complex (especially vitamins B6 and B9), and C, which is able to counterbalance the destructive effects of free radicals in our body and maintain our overall health.
Anti-inflammatory properties:
The anti-inflammatory properties of green peppers are extremely favourable in relieving the pain and swelling associated with severe bone disorders like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.
Helps in the formation of collagen in our skin: The antioxidant properties of green peppers make them super effective against oxidative damages caused by free radicals. Different antioxidant vitamins, especially Vitamin C, present in this type of bell peppers can facilitate the formation of collagen in our skin in order to keep it firm and healthy as well as create a barrier to more damage.
Good in combating ageing:
Regular consumption of green pepper juice is useful in combating all signs of ageing and keeping our skin healthy forever.

Natural hair stimulator
: When we include green pepper juice in our daily diet, the blood circulation is increased significantly throughout our scalp and hair roots. It works as a natural hair growth stimulator and helps us get long hair fast.
The major problem of hair loss can easily be solved with the help of green peppers. They can save our hair follicles from the harmful effects of di-hydrotestosterone (DHT). As a result, our hair becomes strong and we get rid of frequent hair fall.
Reduces the level of homocysteine:
Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B9 content of green peppers take an active part in reducing the level of homocysteine in our body. Being a noxious by-product of various internal biochemical procedures, it can take a toll on our health
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