Tuesday, 1 November 2016

I Have the Key to Living a Healthy, Fulfilling Life Without Restrictions in a Way I Love!

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Cindy had always been health-conscious, but in her mid fifties her weight started to creep up. She became vegan for five years and gained 20 pounds, suffered from osteoarthritis and felt increasingly poorly.
Once again, she researched the internet… and this time she found the ketogenic diet.

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 The E-mail

Hi Andreas,
I am so excited and feel like, at long last, I have the key to living a healthy, fulfilling life without restrictions in a way I love! I have always been health conscious and worked out and ate a predominantly healthy diet. In my early 30’s I wanted to lose a few pounds and low-carb diets, Atkins type, were making the rounds at the gym where I worked out. I tried it for a few weeks and had amazing success!! Once I reached my goal I stopped, as at that time I “bought in” to the idea that it wasn’t a healthy diet and could create health issues.
Fast forward to my mid fifties… I was still active and health conscious but my weight started to creep up. At that point health was a priority and still believing carbohydrate restriction was “bad” I researched other options and (for various reasons) embraced a vegan lifestyle. I bought Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and it became my “bible.” I was a believer and even bought multiple copies of the book to give to family and friends, hoping to help them. Following a vegan diet over the past five years I have experienced a 20-pound weight gain, osteoarthritis (including a hip replacement) and an ever-increasing sense of feeling poorly, I called it feeling “old” and steadily working towards metabolic syndrome.
I have simplified my life in so many ways and I eat food I absolutely love!!
I realized what I was doing wasn’t working, so once again started researching and found the ketogenic diet, yippee! I started LCHF (Eat Low Carb High Fat) on Sept 19 of this year and within a couple of weeks I found IF (thanks Dr Fung!). That lead me to OMAD (one meal a day) which is perfect for me.
I have lost about 12 pounds in the past five weeks, I feel better than I have in over ten years, I have simplified my life in so many ways and I eat food I absolutely love!! Thank you and the entire LCHF community (DietDoctor.com, Dr. Westman and Dr Fung are my new “heroes”). I will be 60 soon and so excited about the future of my health, the world of great food and feeling better every day for a change.
Thanks again!
Cindy N

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