Tuesday 10 October 2017

Bananas considered a 'super food' with health benefits!

Bananas have long been considered a superfood, but many people may not know how it qualifies as such.
Many probably also do not know that the black spots that appear on bananas as they ripen are not a sign they are rotting. The spots are actually a sign that they are increasing their role as a superfood.
The dark spots are indications that the TNF, or the tumor necrosis factor, is increasing, meaning its ability to fight cancerous tumors rises.
“TNF is a cytokine that assists cell-to-cell communication in immune responses and directs cell movement towards inflammation and infection sites. It interferes with the growth and spread of tumor cells and triggers apoptosis (cell death). Researchers pinpointed that TNF produced by ripe bananas is as effective of an anti-cancer agent as lentinan, an immunostimulant injected intravenously to stimulate white blood cell production. One ripe banana a day may just help keep the oncologist away. In fact, ripe bananas are eight times as effective as their younger green siblings when it comes to elevating the cancer-fighting potential of white blood cells,” www.undergroundhealthreporter.com states.
That’s right, bananas are a well-known cancer fighter among nutritionists and scientists.
Other things bananas can help with include heartburn, high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks.
Bananas are a natural antacid. When heartburn sets in, eat a banana and within a few minutes relief may sets in. Bananas are high in potassium and low in sodium (salt), making them great for helping keep one’s blood pressure regulated.
The same help them lessen the chances of having a stroke of a heart attack.
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