Saturday 21 October 2017

Beef is a myth and not the best source of protein!

Are you one of those that thought beef is the best source of protein or thought that without eating meat the body will lack protein? This video below uncovers the myth and reveals how to get the best source of protein for those seeking to improve their lifestyle and build muscle.
We also came across a news article highlighting the depletion of protein and iron in staple crops round the world.
We hope you find this information useful and practical.
Rising CO2 Levels Are Sapping Staple Crops Of Their Protein & Iron Content
We already know how prolonged drought, high heat and heavy rains prompted by climate change can wreak havoc on agriculture. But there is more disturbing news.
If we do nothing, growing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide from emissions will seriously impair the nutritional value of wheat, rice and other staple crops, putting millions of people around the world in danger of protein deficiency, according to new research published in the journal in Environmental Health Perspectives.
“These findings are surprising,” said Samuel S. Myers, senior research scientist in the department of environmental health at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, who authored the study. “If we sat down together 15 years ago and tried to anticipate the human health impacts of anthropogenic CO2 emissions, we would not have predicted that our food would become less nutritious. If we disrupt and transform most of the natural systems on our planet, we will continue to encounter surprises like this.”
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