Friday 8 March 2019

Ginger is a natural cancer-killer—and ovarian cancer is the latest on the list!

Natural medicine has known it a long time, and now conventional medicine is starting to agree: ginger kills cancer. A new study has demonstrated its effectiveness against ovarian cancer cells, and earlier research has shown it reverses breast, prostate, cervical, lung and colon cancers.
Researchers have discovered that ginger extract kills ovarian cancer cells over a three-day period. By the end of the third day, the growth of the cancer cells had halved, say scientists at the Iran University of Medical Science.
They tested different levels of ginger extract on the cell lines, and perhaps not surprisingly, the largest amount—80ug/ml—had the most dramatic effect.
The researchers surmise that ginger extract activates a process in the cell known as p53 expression. This regulates the life of a cell, including apoptosis, or cell death. In the cancer cells exposed to the ginger, p53 expression was seven times greater than in untreated cells.
The discovery is an important breakthrough because ovarian cancer is so difficult to treat, the researchers say. It's the fifth most lethal cancer in women, and, in the US in 2016, 22,280 new cases were identified, and it claimed 14,240 lives. Because there are few symptoms, it's often diagnosed quite late, and the general prognosis is poor.

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