Friday 8 March 2019

Garlic and onions protect against bowel cancer!

Garlic and onions protect against bowel cancer image
Allium vegetables—garlic, leeks and onions—have a powerful protective effect on bowel (colorectal) cancer, the world's third most common cancer.
People who regularly eat the vegetables lower their risk of developing cancer by 79 per cent, a new study has discovered.
Around 1.4 million people around the world develop cancer every year, and it's usually associated with growing older and eating a poor diet.
Researchers from the First Hospital of China Medical University say there is a direct link between the amount of allium vegetables in the diet and their protective effect; in other words, the more you eat, the less your chances of developing the cancer.
They matched 833 colorectal cancer patients against 833 healthy controls and assessed the diets of both groups. Here For More Articles

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