Tuesday 24 April 2018

Can eating less every day slow the ageing process?

Can eating less every day slow the ageing process? image
Can eating less food every day slow down the ageing process? Reducing your calorie intake by 30 per cent could keep your brain younger and even help you live longer—although so far these benefits have been seen only in animal studies.
The latest tests have been carried out on two grey mouse lemurs: one had a normal diet for nine years and the other was fed a similar balanced diet that had 30 percent fewer calories. The lifespan of the calorie-restricted lemur increased by nearly 50 percent, and its motor capacities remained healthy its whole life, while its brains resembled that of a younger animal.
The researchers from CNRS in France say the theory of calorie-restricted diets and their impact on ageing is still 'controversial' in humans, although similar positive results have been seen in macaques, as well as in mice, flies and worms.
The next stage, say the researchers, is to carry out more animal studies, but next time to gauge the impact on ageing of calorie-restriction with physical exercise.

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