Wednesday 25 June 2014

The One Yoga Pose You Should Practice Daily

Yogi Irene Pappas shares her go-to pose.

I've noticed that no matter how hectic my life may get, there is one yoga pose I can't go a day without. Our bodies are all different, so different poses may appeal to us, but Uttanasana (standing forward bend) is the one pose I make sure to practice at least once daily. Two minutes is all it takes to completely revitalize my body and mind with this easy stretch.
When practicing this pose I gently bend my knees as I visualize hinging from my hips in order to fold in half. By keeping the breath in my chest and making my stomach as small as possible I can fold like origami. Every inhale I lengthen through the crown of my head and every exhale I fold deeper, keeping my upper body heavy and relaxed.
Some benefits of this pose:

Stretches the hamstrings and spine

Improves digestion

Diminishes fatigue

Relieves stress and headaches

Remember to always listen to your body, and to ease gently into and out of this pose. Do not get discouraged if you can't touch your toes- devote two minutes at least once or twice a day and see the difference in how you feel after a few weeks. Allow this time to connect you to your body and your breath, and to practice acceptance with yourself.

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