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Recipe for vegan butternut squash and chickpea stew {gluten-free}

When the aroma of cinnamon fills the house, I follow my nose to the kitchen, expecting to discover muffins or baked apples in the oven. Sometimes, the intoxicating smell of cinnamon comes from something even better: a savory, Moroccan-inspired vegan butternut squash and chickpea stew in a tomato sauce infused with cinnamon and coriander. A hint of smoky-hot harissa, the assertive North African pepper paste, balances the sweetness of the squash, and seems absolutely necessary here. (Kathy, my spicy-food-averse cooking assistant, loved the gentle heat, so you know it's not too spicy.) Make this stew up to three days ahead, or freeze it; like most stews, it's even better on the second day. Serve over couscous or rice, as the centerpiece of a vegan meal, or as a side dish with grilled lamb or fish.

Serves 4-6, with couscous or rice.


2 tsp olive oil
1 medium onion, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 Tbsp harissa (or more, to taste)
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground coriander
1 large butternut squash, peeled, seeded and cut into 1-inch cubes
2 cups canned chopped tomatoes
1 19-oz can chickpeas (garbanzo beans), drained and rinsed
1 cup frozen petite green peas
1/4 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley
Kosher salt and fresh black pepper, to taste


In a Dutch oven or heavy stockpot, heat the oil over medium heat. Sauté the onion until translucent and just starting to brown. Add the garlic and cook for 1 minute, stirring frequently to keep the garlic from burning.
Stir in the harissa, cinnamon and coriander, and cook for 30 seconds to release the fragrance of the spices. Add the squash and tomatoes, stir to incorporate the spices, and add 2 cups of water. Bring to the boil, then reduce heat to simmer, cover, and cook for 30 minutes, stirring a few times.
Add the chickpeas, green peas and parsley, and continue to cook, uncovered, for 10 minutes. Taste, and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper.
Serve hot, over couscous or rice.

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Ever wonder how healthy your brain is?

Do you ever worry about memory loss?

Do you misplace your keys more frequently? Do you often mix up names of acquaintances? Forget appointments you’ve made? Enter a room and immediately forget why? Do you have to re-read passages often?

Or perhaps you worry about more serious memory loss in yourself or a loved one. 1 in 10 adults over 65 will suffer from Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

I don’t bring this up to scare you, but to share some good news.

Regardless of the symptoms you or your loved one experience, there is always room to improve cognitive function.

Preventing (and reversing) memory loss IS possible—because regardless of what you’ve been told — memory loss and dementia are NOT caused solely by genetics.

That’s why I’m eager to share an amazing resource with you today.

My friend, Steven Masley, MD, created The Brain Symptom Score Quiz ( to help you determine how sharp your brain truly is.

Dr. Masley is a physician, nutritionist, trained chef, author, and the creator of the #1 health program for Public Television, 30 Days to a Younger Heart. More recently, Dr. Masley has set his focus on helping people like you tune up their brain to prevent, and even reverse memory loss.

He has created The Brain Symptom Score Quiz [] as an easy and quick to use tool to help you determine whether or not you’re losing your memory. It will provide you personal insight into how your brain is functioning, with easy to understand results.
Best of all, this resource is FREE.

It will only take you a few minutes to take this quiz, it’s completely free, and it could change your life. Please don’t miss this opportunity.

When you get the results, you’ll also receive a FREE bonus, Dr. Masley’s Better Brain Shopping Guide—which gives you the Top 12 Brain-Boosting Foods to buy, and the Brain Injuring Foods to avoid so that you can nourish and protect your brain starting today.

 Click here to find out how sharp your brain really is, take this quiz now!

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Health Alert: Don’t Be Tricked! Avoid These 7 Junk Food Labeled As ‘Superfoods,’

Everyone wants to eat healthy to stay fit and strong but people these days might be grabbing the wrong kinds of food because of advertisements showing certain foodstuffs as “superfoods.” It was revealed that most of these are just junk food disguised as healthier options.
People are already aware that fruits and vegetables are the best way to go if they would like to stay healthy. They also know that junk foods are the types that must be avoided since they give little or no nutritional value at all.
Moreover, junk food has always been known to do more harm than good to the bodies, hence consuming them is not a great idea. However, it is hard to distinguish which foods are junk and which ones are healthy these days. This is because many companies promote products with claims of many health benefits.
So, are those labeled “healthy” really good for people? Sydney-based dietitian Lyndi Cohen looked into few of these food items and revealed if they are “superfoods” or plain junk food.
The dietitian listed the top seven junk foods (via Daily Mail) that are commonly marketed as nutritious. She also suggested healthier options to eat whenever cravings for junk food strike.
Acai Bowls
Acai has been claimed to offer a long list of health benefits. But Lyndi said that while they really have good nutrients and contain good levels of antioxidants, it is not worth paying for. It is true that it is called a “superfood,” but even a portion size of an acai bowl is loaded with high amounts of sugar and calories.
Lyndi Cohen suggested having a nutritious smoothie instead. Replace acai with banana and mix it with a cup of frozen blueberries topped with nuts and seeds.
Rice Cakes
Although rice cakes are low in calorie, Lyndi categorized this food as an unhealthy option. This is because they may offer fast-burning carbohydrates but they do not give the fiber or nutritional value needed for healthy living. Plus, the dietician said that most store-bought rice cakes contain additives and flavorings. Go for a slice of brown bread which can be eaten with a slice of cheese or avocado.
While the whole fruit that makes the juice is healthy, drinking the squeezed juice is not good because it is very high in sugar and calories and offers less fiber to help with digestion. Lyndi Cohen explained that six to seven oranges are needed to fill one glass of juice, yet it is not common to consume seven oranges in just one sitting.
The safe alternative is not water but vegetable juice. If the juice is still preferred, the fruit should be kept to a minimum of up to two pieces only.
Frozen Yogurts
View image on Twitter
This is one of the favorite frozen desserts for health-conscious individuals because it is the healthy substitute for ice cream. However, frozen yogurts have more sugar and do not have the probiotics (good bacteria) that non-frozen ones have. Thus, it is better to eat regular yogurt that you can mix with fresh fruits or honey.
Iced Tea
Green and black teas are healthy but this does not mean that iced teas are good for the health as well. In fact, they are just sugary drinks with no nutritional value. If one cannot avoid drinking iced tea, choose the one with no sugar added or sweeten it by adding fruits.
Protein Shakes and Bars
It is true that people need protein in their diet, but Lyndi Cohen disclosed that protein shakes and bars are far from healthy since they have been greatly processed. This means they contain additives, sugar alcohol, extra sweeteners, and flavorings.
For dieters, this food will only add calories and will not help with weight loss. If one wants to get protein, go for wholesome snacks such as boiled eggs, milk, fish, lean meat, nuts and seeds, and cottage cheese or ricotta.
Sugar-free gum, Candies, and Diet Drinks
People usually chew on them to suppress appetite for biscuits or sweets but in truth, they just increase the cravings for sugars. Additionally, they may be low in calories but highly likely to stimulate the appetite for sweets, so it is not good to have them. Go for fruits instead to satisfy cravings for sweets.
Finally, there are still lots of junk food disguised as healthy, and other examples are listed in Fitness Magazine. Health buffs should check them out so they can be avoided.   

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Avocado and your skin!


AVOCADOS, otherwise known as pears, contain an incredible amount of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Besides being delicious to eat, avocados are used in many health and beauty products including hair conditioners, face creams, and bath oils, to name a few. So now we definitely have more reasons to add avocados to our everyday diet
Here are five benefits to the skin from avocados:
1. Anti-ageing
One of the benefits of using avocado is for its anti-ageing properties.
Avocado is an amazing treatment that helps reduce wrinkles. Not only can you apply mashed avocado to your skin as a facial mask, but also, when you eat avocado, it will help fight the ageing process from within.
Everyone wants to keep their youthful good looks for as long as possible, and eating avocados can help. The antioxidants in the fruit will help to detoxify your body and help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, making your skin more supple and plump.

2. Healthy glow
For a healthy and glowing complexion, drink a cup of avocado juice a day and it will nourish and protect your skin from the inside out.
How would you make avocado juice? Mix one ripe avocado with a cup of milk in your blender, add some honey if you would like it sweet, and enjoy a refreshing drink full of healthy nutrients.
Avocados are rich in vitamins, which will help to reinvigorate dull and dry skin, giving it a healthy glow.
3. Natural sunscreen
You can use avocado oil as a natural sunscreen and a soothing ointment for sunburnt skin. The oil will help to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, and the natural soothing and healing properties of the ointment will restore the skin that has been damaged by spending too long in the sun.
Avocado oil will also protect your skin from environmental damage, thanks to a high content of antioxidants.
4. Treats skin conditions
The healthy fats in avocados will moisturise your skin and reduce any inflammation. The oils of avocado are very closely matched to the natural oils in your skin, so it will nourish and help protect your skin from the rigours of the day too.
Just mash one ripe avocado and apply it to your face and neck as a mask for five to 10 minutes, then wash off and enjoy beautiful, healthy and glowing skin.
5. Treats
The uses of avocado for treating various skin conditions are many; this is why it is widely used in so many commercial creams and balms.
It is extremely good for treating very dry, ageing and dehydrated skin. Avocado oil has amazing moisturising abilities and it will provide you with a deep and long-lasting re-hydration of dry skin.
Just warm up a couple of drops of avocado oil between your hands and apply to your already cleansed skin every night before going to bed. After a couple days you will notice the difference, your skin will become soft, hydrated and glowing. (Quick note: Avoid applying avocado oil to your skin if your skin is oily, as avocado oil is very nourishing and can cause breakouts).

Avocado is a true beauty food, full of nutrients, vitamins and various minerals that your body really needs.

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Wednesday 29 November 2017

Moringa Seeds - First time tasters!

See the reactions of taking Ankh Rah high-Quality Moringa Seeds for the first time and the long-lasting effect that they have also. Ankh Rah Award-winning natural nutritional supplements embark on and prove effective at the first Sport and Fitness Show Brighton 2016.

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What is Moringa for? Tree of life, medicinal properties, economic Mary Brown. Home Remedies

What is the moringa tree used for? It is a tree called the Tree of life, fruits or pods, seeds, leaves, roots and flowers are used. In this video we give an explanation of its medicinal properties.

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Can Certain Foods Kill Intestinal Parasites?

Whether they are pinworms, tapeworms, or microscopic protozoa like Giardia lamblia or amoebas, intestinal parasites are never beneficial. They attach to the lining of your bowels, typically living off the food you eat and damaging your intestinal cells. They may go unnoticed or cause nutritional deficiencies, diarrhea and other symptoms. Prescription medications that kill the organisms are the mainstay of treatment for all intestinal parasites. Although many cultures have a long tradition of using foods to treat these infections, very few studies have been conducted in humans to confirm their effectiveness. Nevertheless, current research suggests that pumpkin and papaya seeds, some berries and some probiotics have antiparasitic effects in humans -- destroying or inhibiting growth or reproduction of these unwanted visitors.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds indirectly kill tapeworms. Their antiparasitic effects have been attributed to curcubitine, a substance that paralyzes tapeworms so they can no longer hold onto intestinal cells. A study published in the November 2012 issue of “Acta Tropica” found that a single dose of peeled raw pumpkin seeds caused tapeworms to be released into the stool in 75 percent of people with these parasites. This increased to 89 percent when the seeds were combined with areca nut extract, a traditional Chinese medicine that also paralyzes tapeworms. Pumpkin seeds are often followed by a laxative to help expel the worms from the intestines. Once released, the tapeworms will eventually die.

Papaya Seeds

Papaya seeds may also have antiparasitic qualities. Their effectiveness has been attributed to the breakdown of parasites by papain, an enzyme in papaya seeds. In a study of 60 children published in the March 2007 issue of “Journal of Medicinal Food,” parasites were eliminated from the stools in 77 percent of those given a single dose of a combination of dried papaya seeds plus honey and only 17 percent of children given honey alone. No subsequent studies of papaya seeds for intestinal parasites have been conducted in humans. Honey is useful to mask the bitter taste of papaya seeds.


Various berries have been used as traditional remedies for intestinal parasites. Their effectiveness has been attributed to chemicals called polyphenols, which are found in all plants. A laboratory study published in “Parasitology” in August 2011 reported that polyphenol-rich extracts from a number of berries killed G. lamblia. The most effective were strawberry, Arctic bramble, blackberry and cloudberry extracts, which were as effective as metronidazole, the standard medication for Giardia infections. Although studies in humans have not yet been conducted, the “Parasitology” study researchers noted that the concentration of extracts with the most potent antiparasitic effects would be easily achieved within the intestines of people eating these berries.


Probiotics are live bacteria or yeasts with health benefits. They are found in foods such as yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut. Laboratory and animal studies have reported that some probiotics kill certain intestinal parasites, although these effects are limited and poorly understood. Very few human studies have evaluated the use of probiotics for this purpose. A study published in the July 2006 issue of the “Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases” reported that a combination of the yeast Saccharomyces boulardii plus metronidazole was more effective than metronidazole alone in treating the parasite G. lamblia. Likewise, a study of 50 children in the June 2009 issue of “The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene” found that the same combination was more effective than metronidazole alone in clearing the amoeba Entamoeba histolytica from the intestines. While dietary supplements are the most common way to obtain the probiotic Saccharomyces boulardii, it may also be found in certain types of kombucha, a fermented drink.

Considerations and Warnings

Although numerous other foods have been touted to kill intestinal parasites, no quality human research has confirmed this. Garlic, onions, coconuts, figs, dates, chicory, avocado seeds, ginger, black pepper, and pomegranates are examples of foods shown to promote antiparasitic activity in laboratory or animal studies, but the effectiveness of these foods not yet been properly evaluated in humans. More research is clearly necessary, but it is questionable whether any food will ultimately be determined to be more effective than medications. It is more likely that certain foods may be useful additions to, but not replacements for, drug therapy. If you suspect that you have intestinal parasites, see your doctor. Do not treat this condition on your own. Also talk with your doctor before making any significant dietary changes, as excessive intake of almost any food may cause problems.
Reviewed by: Kay Peck, MPH, RD

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Simple cold remedies are blocking cancer growth!

Who'd have thought it? Humble cold remedies that you can buy in the pharmacy are blocking the spread of cancer, researchers have discovered.
The remedies, known as NACs (N-Acetyl cysteines), are decongestants that help people cope with the worst symptoms of the common cold—and they also happen to interfere with the growth and spread of cancer.
It's all to do with cancer cells known as stroma by interfering with cancer cells known as stroma, which is essential for cancer to spread. They are part of a process that includes special 'transporter' proteins that supply energy—and specifically lactate—from neighbouring cells.
NAC cold remedies reduce the numbers of transporter proteins by 80 percent, researchers from the University of Salford have discovered, effectively cutting off the cancerous cells' food supply.
In laboratory tests, the researchers say they have witnessed a "near complete reduction" in the transporter genes when a cold remedy has been applied to breast cancer cells.
And they've seen the same extraordinary results in 12 women who had been waiting to have surgery for breast cancer. The women were given the maximum dose of a NAC cold remedy for three weeks, and biopsies before and afterward revealed that the quantity of the transporter cells had reduced by 80 percent. This almost completely halted the growth and spread of the breast cancer, and made it far less aggressive.
High levels of the transporter protein also suggest that breast cancer is likely to be fatal, the researchers added.
Discovering a highly effective and non-toxic alternative to chemotherapy is a "huge step forward", the researchers say.

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