Superfoods often get a lot of bad press from skeptics for, well, not quite living up to their name. But what is it that makes a superfood ‘super’ exactly? Does BeyoncĂ© need to wear a t-shirt sporting various foods? Do they need to hold the key to immortality? Or do they simply need to make us make us feel a tiny little bit better on a Monday morning?
It just so happens that we’re not the only ones who were reliant on food for a little (or rather large) pick me up! When they weren’t busy building empires from scratch, or fighting in the Trojan war, the Ancient Greeks were quite the food aficionados. They loved to suss out the best super and magical foods that do more than make your bank balance lower. From Cretan dittany, which was said to miraculously cure gaping battle wounds, to almonds, which could prevent drunkenness, Grecian warriors and empresses used superfoods waaaay before flax seeds were trendy and chai lattes replaced good ol’ regular coffee. 
So, were they actually a thing before Millennials got their hands on them? Or were they all just a (Greek) myth? Well, Travel Supermarket have unearthed some of these supposedly life-changing foods and asked nutritionist and registered dietician Katie Peck to put them through their paces.  Check out the animated gifs below to see if popping almonds can stop a boozy head, and if Zeus’ strength really did come from a nightly glass of goat’s milk.