Friday 10 November 2017

Eating healthy is now faster than ever!

We all know eating healthy is the right thing to do, but when we're cooking the food ourselves, that's easier said than done because the preparation often takes so much time. Now, our grocery stores, like HEB, do the work for us -- and even healthy eating experts -- like The Nutrition Mom Stephanie Merchant, take advantage of these shortcuts.

Merchant teaches people about healthy eating and food prep on a regular basis.

"It can kind of take some time, unless you know some secrets. Now, the grocery stores are helping out with that," said Merchant.

First, quit chopping your fruits and vegetables to save time. For example, a bag of 16 individualized baggies of already cut organic apples at HEB cost less than $12.

You can even buy spiralized veggies pre-packaged for $4.

Next, Merchant said to shop the bulk section.

"You can actually save so much money by coming to the bulk section. You're not paying for the extra packaging, and you can get the exact amount you want," Merchant added.

She also recommended buying pre-made salads.
"They even have the calorie count on here, you can see what's contained, and they even have organic for you to choose from," said Merchant.

Grocery stores now offer pre-made microwaveable or oven meals for individuals or for the families, and kits are even available.

"You know the subscription services that are so popular right now to be able to get your food shipped to you. However, it's a commitment -- this is not a commitment. You can buy this at your grocery store as you need it. It tells you all the information, the ingredients, and what level cook you need to be for it," explained Merchant.

The prices range from $14 to $18 for a dinner for two, but they contain a lot of food, so families with smaller children can probably stretch the meals.

Finally, a lot of stores do the shopping for you. By ordering online, you'll save money by sticking to your list, and when you don't want to roam the aisles with the kids, you'll definitely save time by just picking up.

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