Tuesday 21 November 2017

Top Ways to Make Your Skin Glow This Winter

Winters tend to dry your skin out and make it feel stretchy.

With the onset of winter wedding season, a number of unconventional treatments and methods have come up to achieve the perfect glowing skin. Try ‘bhasm (a calcined preparation in which the gem or metal is converted into ash) of the birthstones and Vitamin C serums, suggest experts.

Vandana Luthra, founder at VLCC, and experts at O3+, have given a few ideas:
* DNA matching and testing help dermatologists determine products and services that will work properly with your own genetic make-up. The DNA sample gets tested in the lab and the specialized test reveals all forms of genetic predispositions your skin will face as it ages. 

This method helps create a customised skin care plan without consuming much time. 

* With science defining rules of skin care, the centuries-old astrology is not left behind either in guiding us on the skin. The zodiac-based skin care products are infused with the ‘bhasm' of the birthstones relevant to your sun sign. The activated ‘bhasm' works on the skin to give it the much-needed energy boost and glow.

* Boost skin with the seasons brightest fruits and vegetables to get maximum antioxidants. You can also buy serums with Vitamin C serum to boost the antioxidant effect.

* Avoid acne triggers such as milk and dairy products as well as almonds and chocolate that do not melt easily.

* Deep cleanse your skin with seaweed cleansing gels available in the market.


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