Monday 1 April 2019

Cell tower blamed for sudden rise in cancer cases at school!

Cell tower blamed for sudden rise in cancer cases at school image
Parents are blaming a cell tower for a sudden rise in cancer cases among students and teachers at an elementary school and are calling to have it removed.
Four students and three teachers at a school in Ripon, San Joaquin, California have developed cancer in the past four years—and parents are convinced that the tower, which was installed on the school grounds a few years ago, is responsible.
District authorities are refusing to remove the tower and say it meets the safety requirements of federal regulations. The district receives $2,000 a month from Sprint, the tower's operator, and parents fear the authority's position has been influenced by the payment.
Monica Ferrulli, whose son developed cancer while at the school, said she was told by doctors that the cancer was caused by exposure to something in the environment. Another parent, Joe Prime, whose child has also developed cancer, says it is time to take down the tower before there are more cases. "It just seems like a coincidence is no longer a reason for all this illness. Kids shouldn't be guinea pigs and we shouldn't be taking chances with the children's lives."
Several countries, including France, ban all cell towers and wi-fi from elementary school premises because of concerns that children are especially vulnerable to the radiation.
(Source: CBS Sacramento)
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