Wednesday 9 September 2015

The Best First Aid: Stops The Bleeding in 10 Seconds!

When you have a small cut, and it starts oozing blood, which causes a panic and fear, there is a first aid thing you can do to help yourself.
Cayenne pepper is a plant that you should always have in your medicine cabinet, even if it’s not in your kitchen, and a necessary part of your emergency first aid kit. This comes as a result of recent research findings that prove cayenne pepper to possess many exceptional health and medicinal benefits, including prevention of heart attack, cold, and prevention of bleeding.

So, if you are in this situation, you should take a little cayenne pepper powder and put it directly into the bleeding cut or laceration. The bleeding should stop within 10-15 seconds.
Cayenne is in fact a powerful styptic, which means it is a substance able to stop bleeding when applied to a wound. It does a quick equalization of blood pressure and blood clotting starts. Apart from stopping the bleeding quickly, it also disinfects, so it prevents infections.
In case of a larger wound, take a teaspoon of red pepper powder, dispersed in a glass of warm water and drink it quickly. Cayenne powder should be reserved for smaller cuts and scrapes, however.
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