Wednesday 25 November 2015

How to erase mental blocks and attain your fitness goals


FITNESS discipline sometimes evades us because it is easier to relax or engage in hours of unhealthy activity than it is to adhere to a robust fitness plan. But the mental perimeters you subconsciously erect to obstruct your fitness goals do not have to be permanent.
According to nutritionist and wellness coach Donovan Grant, it is much easier to give up than it is to commit to a fitness plan, but the reverse can be achieved by following simple steps as well.
"The mind is a very important part of the overall fitness plan of any person. However, the mind can be stimulated through a number of activities to change this outlook if it is what you really want," Grant explained.
He said that many people start fitness journeys for different reasons and while some people simply want to mirror somebody else's fitness achievements, there are others who need to lose weight for health reasons as well as for their general quality of life.
"People want to become fit for a number of reasons whether they are grossly overweight or it has become difficult to control the children because of the amount of weight that they have on. But regardless of what it is, they must first know why it is that they want to achieve the fitness goal," Grant explained.
He pointed out that while it is easy for people to become discouraged, the first and most important part of regaining control over a mental block against continuing one's fitness routine is to remind yourself of the reason you started out initially.
"Ask yourself why it is important to lose weight. Are partaking in unhealthy foods or watching television more important than the end result of your fitness goals?"
He recommended that you also use post-its in places you will see them so you are reminded of the reason you started and what you want to accomplish.
Another strategy that has proven very effective is to surround yourself with people who will motivate you or those who have similar goals because this make the journey easier, and fun in the process.
However, in cases where you simply do not have the support system and you are unable to motivate yourself even with the reason behind your fitness journey in mind, you may need professional help.
"Depending on what you want to achieve then you may also want to get a professional to help you get results and to ensure that you are achieving your goals," Grant advised.

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