Friday 10 February 2017

Censored Study Shows Disturbing Links to Most Vaccines!

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A 78 year old physician who has been practicing pediatric medicine for 46 years is disturbed by what he’s seeing. Bose Ravenel, MD, says he can no longer toe the party line. Before examining the evidence, he was a nay-sayer. Now he’s uprooted himself from a practice he founded and joined forces with an integrative physician a few miles down the road to bring his findings to the spotlight
And it’s not just him. Dr. Kelly Sutton, an integrative physician is saying she’s seeing more and more cases where parents are going against the grain and choosing to abstain from vaccines.
She said the parents are saying children without vaccines are staying healthier, perform better in school, and adapt socially much easier than their vaccinated siblings.
But someone is trying to suppress this information.
The most recent, peer-reviewed study was accepted for publication by the journal Frontiers in Public Health, according to Jennifer Margulis, PhD. The study was assigned a DOI number and the abstract published on the journal’s website. Several days later, all signs of the study vanished from the site without explanation
Margulis is the author of Your Baby, Your Way and the co-author (with Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D.) of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan.
According to Margulis, the abstract described a study comparing health outcomes of 660 fully vaccinated or fully unvaccinated children between the ages of 6 and 12 living in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oregon. Information was collected via parental survey in 2012.
This is obviously a form of censorship with Frontiers in Public Health wanting to protect their own reputation.
As recently as July, their own website touted that they were cited as the number one spot for citations in 6 categories and number 2 in citations for 3 more categories among 11,365 open-access journals.
If Frontiers in Public Health is hiding something, it is too late. You see, the study istelf was back in 2012 and studied over 660 kids.
But five years later, there are more and more doctors opening their minds to vaccines being dangerous.
Dr. Sutton discussed the body like a tipping point, indicating there is only so much toxicity the body can handle.
Dr. Ravenell also pointed out that the link is not 100% cause and effect, but just because the link is less than 100% doesn’t mean there’s no link at all:
“There is clearly a relationship between vaccines and autism,” Ravenel said. “But to say that ‘vaccines cause autism’ is an inaccurate, non-nuanced statement. At the same time, to say that ‘vaccines don’t cause autism’ is also inaccurate.”

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