Thursday 14 February 2019

Discover the 5 beauty benefits of rose water today!

Discover the 5 beauty benefits of rose water today
Discover the 5 beauty benefits of rose water today

Rose water benefits are plenty and it is beauty's best kept secret, and also remarkably versatile. Take a look at some of its benefits.

Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, rose water can be added to your beauty routine. While purchasing rose water, you must make sure you buy only 100% pure rose water i.e. the distilled water of roses without the nasty chemicals the by-product of rose oil production.
The usage of rosewater dates back to early Egypt, when Cleopatra used the natural product in her skincare regime. We know rose water is great for skin and hair but why it's good and how exactly must you use it, is key!
Rose water is prepared by steeping rose petals in water. Sometimes, a by-product of the process of extracting rose oil is also used in the place of rose water. There are a number of rose water benefits which make it a popular ingredient in cuisines and religious rituals. Rose water for skin and rose water for face are two of rose water's most well-known uses.
Rose water is incredibly versatile thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and rich content of antioxidants. The water helps soothe your skin, tone it, and keep it moisturised. Its versatility allows it to be combined with various ingredients to suit the needs of each skin type.
We've put together a list of 5 key benefits of rose water. Take a look!

1. Maintains The pH Balance Of Your Skin

The pH of your skin falls in between 4.5 to 6.2, making it slightly acidic. The excessive use of soaps, facial cleansers, and products can disrupt this balance and lead to the growth of bacteria, resulting in issues such as acne.
With a pH level of 5.5, rose water helps balance out the disruption by bringing your skin’s pH levels back to normal.

2. Tones Your Skin

What most people don’t realise is that toning is one of the most crucial parts of any skin care routine. Toning helps remove residual dirt and oils, preparing your skin for optimal hydration.
Rose water is an excellent toner, thanks to its pH balancing properties. It helps remove oils and dirt from your skin, preparing it for skin treatments that are to follow.

3. Slows Aging

Your skin ages faster because of exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun, due to the use of products laden with harsh chemicals, stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, and pollution. All of these factors assist the generation of free radicals that damage your skin.
Rose water’s high antioxidant content helps tackle this by neutralizing the free radicals and keeping your skin healthy.

4. Reduces Puffiness

Rose water’s anti-inflammatory and cooling properties not only leaves your skin feeling refreshed but it also tackles puffiness, especially under your eyes.

5. Prevents Acne

Rose water helps remove the excess oils from your face. It also helps discourage the growth of acne-causing bacteria with its pH balancing properties. This helps control acne and reduce the risk of breakouts.

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