Tuesday 8 July 2014

How Veganism Changed These 58 People

  • Angel Flinn

How Veganism Changed These 58 People
Although I’m not much of a Facebook person, I must admit that there are a few things I love about it. One of those is the way it connects activists with each other, so that we can feel a sense of community and share in each other’s successes and struggles.

A while ago, Gentle World volunteer Butterflies Katz did an experiment on her Facebook page where she simply asked her friends to complete the following statement: “Since I became vegan, I’ve noticed…”

What a response she received! The following excerpts are some of the highlights, and they indicate (contrary to popular opinion) how overwhelmingly positive the transition to veganism can be for the individual. Far from feelings of deprivation or sacrifice!


I’ve noticed that going vegan is easy – take it from a ‘newbie’. And I didn’t think it would be easy! I have not once been sorry. I have not missed anything I used to eat. I can’t even begin to tell you the wondrous ways my life and views have changed. ~ Bridget

I’ve noticed how much happier I am. ~ Batty

I’ve noticed life become grander in so many ways. I feel healthier than ever, my skin is clearer and younger, I think clearer. I love feeling love for all of life. ~ Claire

I’ve noticed how good it feels to have my actions in line with my values. ~ Diane

I’ve noticed that I have more passion for life. I have a purpose. I am a vegan superhero. ~ John

I’ve noticed the beauty, complexity, and inherent value of all sentient beings. ~ Gary

I have noticed that I feel so much more inner peace, and a sense of connection with other beings. It is quite liberating. ~ Peter

I have noticed how wonderfully connected I feel to Mother Earth and all her creatures. My soul is at peace. ~ Kerry

I’ve noticed I feel lighter. ~ June

I’ve noticed my energy levels went through the roof. ~ Coileán

I have noticed I am sexier. ~ Justina

I’ve noticed I’ve become a better person. ~ Madhur

I’ve noticed how much I didn’t see or know before! ~ Rose

I’ve noticed how much happier I am, the weight has been lifted from my shoulders – I feel clarity and I’m able to show people this so they too see the right path. ~ Alta

I’ve noticed I’ve found Peace within myself. ~ Helen

I’ve noticed how animal exploitation is virtually a part of every aspect of society. ~ Jody

I’ve noticed cruelty is everywhere and most people are oblivious to it. ~ Shelley

I’ve noticed how every other commercial on TV has some kind of animal product in it. ~ Diane

I’ve noticed how good fruits and vegetables taste. ~ Elizabeth

I’ve noticed how differently I perceive the world. ~ Urosh

I’ve noticed that vegans come in all sizes, shapes, colors, races, religions, political parties. ~ Michael

I’ve noticed that I still have a LOT to learn. ~ Barbara

I’ve noticed I feel so much more peaceful and connected to everyone, and that brought me a new found sense of spirituality. ~ Don

I’ve noticed how much goodness I can help bring into this world. ~ Alan

I’ve noticed my conscience is clearer. ~ Paul

I’ve noticed food tastes better!  ~ Molly

I notice ALL forms of oppression more easily. ~ Danny

I’ve noticed I feel better about myself and living up to my values. ~ Nan

I’ve noticed that I am also kinder to myself. ~ Luis

I’ve noticed that other animals can feel my veganism and I’ve formed very close bonds with other species of animals. ~  Butterflies

I’ve noticed that I actually feel like “me” more than I ever have before. Sometimes it’s lonely – But it’s also REAL – I can live with that. ~ Bea

I’ve noticed that I feel lighter, happier and more at peace inside. People say I look younger than ever. It is the best thing that ever happened to me. ~ Kathy

I’ve noticed that it improves mental health. ~ Tharan

I have noticed that I began to understand the meaning of speciesism. ~ Wendy

I have noticed how deeply rooted suffering, cruelty and injustice is and how it’s so completely normalized. ~ Sarah

I have noticed I sleep better! ~ Nerida

I have noticed that I’m happier! At the end of the day having compassion for animals has made me a better person and has enabled me to enjoy a richer life. ~ Andres

I have noticed I have more energy, less to no aches, clear skin and better mood. Now I notice all the time how much our society relies on animal exploitation, how dairy is everywhere, how apathetic people are to violence against animals. ~ Martina

I have noticed that I feel a true kinship with all life. ~ Donna

I have noticed that although the world seems a much weirder place now, I am much happier and I am extremely glad to have had the opportunity to encounter veganism. ~ Vera

I have noticed how deep in denial most of the world is about the production of dairy products. Dairy is still seen by most people as something good, nourishing – something to nourish and reward children with. I’ve also noticed how unaware most people are of what it actually means to be vegan, and that it’s widely seen as a mere diet. ~ Flavia

I have noticed that there are a lot of different vegan foods out there that I had never tried before. That we are all animals and all persons – and that forcing others to do our bidding is just plain and simply, wrong. And-that we can live without using nonhuman animals. ~ Michaela Österlund

Since I became vegan I’ve had an overwhelming sense that I finally have found my purpose in life. ~ Jeffrey

I’ve noticed a whole weight of guilt was lifted from me when I thought I had to eat animal products to survive. I have since found so many other options for what I eat and consume in other ways. ~ Maida

I have noticed that I feel so liberated in mind, body and spirit. I have also gained clarity of mind and am so healthy. I love knowing that the choices I make do not harm other sentient beings. ~ Melissa

I’ve noticed for the first time that I am living a clean life – clean physically, spiritually, emotionally and morally. ~ Christine

I have noticed that a layer of gloom was lifted from my mind and soul. I began to realize that 1. I don’t need animal protein to survive, 2. I can think more clearly and rational about things in general than before, 3. My allergies improved tremendously, 4. I continue to grow spiritually and easier now as to where I was before was like pulling the ball and chain. 5. I can eat a lot more now and stay at a healthy weight. ~ Clara

I’ve noticed so many things: Mental clarity, a heightened appreciation for life, a greater love for animals… even for humans, a need for more knowledge…and on and on and on. ~ Shelly

I notice I can relate to the world better. Veganism has allowed me to transcend my habitual thoughts and actions, obviously in regards to animals, but also humans and the natural world. It encourages me to be compassionate and it motivates free thinking. ~ Steven

I’ve noticed I feel better, no guilt, and better tasting food! ~ Sarah

I have noticed how easy it is to be vegan, how much better I feel, both physically and mentally. I have also noticed that there is an enormous variety of different foods that I would never have tried… In fact, I wonder why more people have not embraced this lifestyle. ~ Carlos

I’ve noticed that my chronic and often terrifying asthma disappeared completely, that I had loads more energy, that bodily symptoms I’d attributed to age disappeared, and that I felt so much happier, having a clear conscience to go with the joy of the ‘clean’ food I was now consuming. ~ Sue

I noticed I have better skin, a cleaner conscience, and I’ve been effortlessly losing weight. ~ Justin

I’ve noticed how something so simple as respect for all, can be made so complicated and demeaned by social conditioning. ~ Lorraine

I realize that I can make a real difference in alleviating the suffering of other animals. I am not powerless to help them, therefore I no longer feel ashamed of being a human being. Relationships with my animal kin have become free of guilt and confusion. I have found a meaningful moral baseline. The missing piece of the puzzle has fitted into its rightful place. ~ Katia

To say it in a simple way: my eyes have been opened, finally!  ~ Janne

I have noticed that it changes your life in every way for the better. ~ Wendy

I’ve noticed all of the above and a sense of FREEDOM. ~ Ann

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