Friday 8 May 2015

Hormone Disrupting Chemical Banned In EU Found in 50 Top US Snacks

by Christina Sarich
Big food manufacturers have been using it for some time. In fact, only under pressure from the EWG did Johnson & Johnson voluntarily pledge
 to remove this and other members of the paraben family from all its baby products! That’s right, even your little bundle of joy could be exposed to parabens that cause fertility and developmental problems.
Furthermore, research led by Antonia Calafat, Ph.D., a respected chemist at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reported that 92.7 percent of Americans tested have had propyl paraben in their urine (Calafat 2010). Cornell University research suggests that exposure to parabens for a lifetime can lead to breast cancer, among other health concerns.
Yet, the US FDA doesn’t seem to care. They aren’t protecting the food supply. They are accomplices to demolishing it.
It is bad enough that parabens were found in thousand of cosmetics products, including soaps, body washes, deodorants, moisturizers, shampoos, and conditioners, but now in our food?
If you want to send a clear message to “the food makers” that you won’t tolerate this endocrine disrupting toxin in your food, you can sign a petition sponsored by the EWG, here.
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