Sunday 31 May 2015

Properties of moringa: how to use for perfect skin

moringa soap and flyer4

Ready? Go! The race for the perfect body for summer has officially begun after the Easter holidays. In a previous post I had already talked about the care of your legs for summer (you can read the full article here), and today I want to talk to you about the properties of a plant that can help us in this goal. The properties of moringa are many, here’s how to use it in order to have a perfect skin!
To get healthy-looking skin and bright hydration and exfoliation are fundamental. Well, the properties of moringa help us to make our skin shine. How many of you knew this “miracle tree”? I have learned through Ankh Rah, a site that allows you to purchase many natural products made from moringa, you can find from moringa oil to food and supplements up to the moringa soap. This is a brand new world for me.

moringa soap and flyer
This Coco Moringa soap uses a traditional recipe of Moringa and virgin coconut oil, all the ingredients are natural and leave your skin fresh and fragrant. Its properties are many: it is nutritious, antioxidant and has a purifying effect. An effective product for the daily care of our skin. What do you think about it? 
Have you already tried it?

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