Monday 6 May 2019

Fibroids Breakthrough! 5 Star Trustpilot Review

Fibroids Breakthrough - 5 Star Review
              Excellent product

"I have been using Ankh Rah products for more than three years and I have found them very beneficial for my health and general well-being. Ankh Rah Moringa Powder is my favourite as it gives me increased energy and vitality, as well as a lovely glow to my skin.

One of the best results that I received using Ankh Moringa Powder was when I used it in conjunction with the JLAV Gel. I have fibroids and experienced many painful symptoms including bloating of the abdomen, as well as fatigue. The results were not instantaneous and often I felt like stopping due to the pain; however, I persevered and after several months of using these products, I experienced very good results. The symptoms alleviated and eventually stopped. So I would recommend giving these products a try if you have a similar health condition to me, as it may bring you some relief too.

I find Ankh Rah products excellent and the Customer Services good."


        Yvonne's JLAV Gel for Women's Testimony

JLAV Gel for pH regulation.

JLAV Gel is a vaginal gel that moisturises and lubricates the female genitalia. It also stops dryness and rejuvenates elasticity. JLAV Gel is genital-friendly. It’s made of exotic tropical plant enzymes that won’t cause irritation or discomfort.

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