These African superfoods are sources of necessary nutrients and they contain other properties which are very essential.
These superfoods are not very rare in some places and in others re probably impossible to find. This makes them sometimes expensive in places where they are not common. In Africa, some of these superfoods are used for exceptional things.

Our African Superfoods are:

Here’s a list of some of our well known African superfoods. They are very common in households, but you might realise their rich benefits.

Pumpkin leaf:

5 African superfoods and their amazing benefits [Source: Dobby’s Signature]
In most Nigerian households, there are stories told about what the pumpkin leaves are used for. It is locally called Ugwu and mostly used as a vegetable for several soups. But, besides being a really good addition to a meal of Egusi soup and Fufu, it is traditionally regarded as a blood tonic. When processed and its juice extracted, it can be used for so many things; from using it to help improve blood quality to using it to help with fertility issues. It has been known to be helpful stomach ache and menstruation issues.
It can also be used to prevent cancer and as a high source of vitamin A and C which are very important and recommended for good health.


5 African superfoods and their amazing benefits
There are about nine species of the Baobab fruit and almost all of them can be found in Africa. The baobab trees are said to be able to reach about 30m high. This tree is exceptionally rich in iron, fiber and also in Magnesium. Added to these qualities is the fact that it has the ability to produce good bacteria in the gut and it is reliably great for the skin and the immune system.


5 African superfoods and their amazing benefits
This is Africa’s wonder tree. It is said to be one of the most sought after fruits because of the qualities it carries. The seed contains iron and vitamins A, E and K. And also it contains calcium and magnesium. The benefits of using moringa include energy boost, reduces the sugar in your body, and helps prevent some diseases. In addition, it helps you maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

Kola Nut:

5 African superfoods and their amazing benefits
In Africa, there are so many uses of the Kola Nut. Kola nuts are used to stay awake because of its caffeine and theobromine content. Furthermore, it is used for other occasions like divinations, traditional naming ceremonies, and is also required to say prayers in traditional social gatherings.

Hibiscus Leaves (Zobo):

5 African superfoods and their amazing benefits
Meet the African tea leaf; these red leaves are used to make a drink that is locally called Zobo. It is a red drink that is made from cooking the leaves to get the juice. The processed juice from the hibiscus can help with blood pressure problems and also protects the heart and liver. It can also help prevent cancer and help with diabetic complications. And added to this is its ability to literally slow down the rate at which you age.

Are these all the African Superfoods?

Of course, these are not all. Some of these superfoods are national treasures. And very often, they are well-kept secrets. Sometimes, we even overlook them. These superfoods are very important and help in our everyday life.