Friday 23 August 2019

Fluoride in water is risking children's health!

Fluoride in water is risking children's health image
Adding fluoride to drinking water is putting children's health at risk. It can damage their kidneys and liver, disrupt thyroid function and, paradoxically, cause tooth decay that it's supposed to protect against.
Children are especially at risk because they cannot process fluoride as effectively as an adult, and they excrete just 45 per cent of the mineral, a major new study has discovered.
Children who already have poor kidney and liver function are at the highest risk but drinking fluoride—which is in 74 percent of the public water supply in the US to protect against tooth decay—can affect all children, researchers from the Mount Sinai Hospital have discovered.
They analysed blood samples from 1,983 children and fluoride levels in tap water taken from the homes of 1,742 children. Although the fluoride levels were very low, it was still a threat to all the children.
Fluoride can damage kidney and liver function, disrupt the thyroid, cause bone and tooth disease, and impair protein metabolism, the researchers say.
(Source: Environment International, 2019; 105012)

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