Monday 23 May 2016

Last Opportunity - Make a difference for the better!

A bit about Moringa

Ankh Rah’s quality, consistency and knowledge of this ancient plant that carries over 90 nutrients operating on a cellular level is a cut above the rest. In 150BC Moringa was referred to as the tree of life. It is a natural plant high in nutrients that are essential for the body and adapts to help the body function at optimum health with customers using it as a natural remedy or everyday supplement. Over the past 3 years Ankh Rah has won awards in the health foods supplement industry due to their high quality and the benefits that customers have received and the impact it has made on their lives proving that natural high quality supplement work effectively with great results.


Our impact on the Community

This may well be the perfect product to answer the threat of obesity and can help the general UK public achieve optimum health. Ankh Rah care for the general public and have set up a healthy living blog showing different articles on supplementary health, nutrition information and general foods taken for granted that are high in nutrition and therefore beneficial to health. Ankh Rah also give exercise tips and show workouts that can easily be done from home to help with weight loss or general fitness and health. The blog gets around 1,500 visits per week, Ankh Rah always publicise the latest cutting edge in natural supplementary health to prove Ankh Rah keeps up to date and evolves with the times.

Why Ankh Rah need Funding 

Primarily the funding will be used to continue and increase the awareness of Moringa, what it is, its benefits and provide their expert knowledge on how best to use the products for different benefits to maximise results to more individuals around the UK until the whole of the UK knows the health benefits and opportunity awaiting when taking Ankh Rah award winning high quality Moringa. Ankh Rah aim to be in position to help British sports men and women climb the global ladder to major sports achievement and success. Let’s get Moringa behind team GB as well as in the systems of British athletes and sports clubs across the UK and make a difference to health and performance today.

Make a Difference

Ankh Rah want to help inspire the general public to live healthy, tackle the problem of obesity and get a healthy nation to be proud of with healthy citizens. Improve sports performance and make British sports a force to be reckoned with on a global sports scale all starting with a natural boost in energy and nutrition.

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Look out for future amazing results, information and products coming from this amazing, natural high quality company, Ankh Rah Ltd

A bit about Ankh Rah

Ankh Rah is a health and nutrition company that supplies the highest quality Moringa supplements to help the general public improve their health and operate at their optimum. Ankh Rah’s high quality Moringa is so natural and good it has helped many sports men and women improve their performance and make full speedy recovery from injuries. When the company launched no one knew about Moringa and it benefits much less what could be achieved with high quality moringa. Ankh Rah has created the awareness of Moringa and its health benefits across the UK and has kept an eye on its fast growing development around the world, knowing we supply the highest quality found anywhere.

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