Saturday 7 May 2016

The World’s Weirdest Eating Competitions

Things are about to get weird. Om nom nom.

World’s Deep-Fried Asparagus Eating Championship in Stockton, California, USA: Every April, contestants scarf down as much deep-fried asparagus as they can in ten minutes. The prize? $2,750. The championship attracts big names, including Joey Chestnut, the number one ranked competitive eater in the world. This year Chestnut set a new world record, eating 12 pounds and 8 3/4 ounces of deep-fried asparagus.
Level of weirdness? Somewhat weird, considering that Americans are eating vegetables. But they are coated with grease, making it more understandable.

World Championship Haggis Eating Competition in Perthshire, Scotland: Each year the contest attracts competitors from the UK, US, Australia, and New Zealand. Contestants are given 1lb of the national Scottish meal, which consists of sheep innards, oatmeal, and spices. The fastest time wins.

Haggis, taken by Jonathunder via Creative Commons

Haggis, taken by Jonathunder via Creative Commons
Level of weirdness? This crap is boiled in a bag, which is traditionally an animal’s stomach. That’s weird.

Caviar Speed Eating in Moscow, Russia: In 2012, a group of caviar producers held the first-ever (and what seems to be probably the last-ever) caviar eating contest. Organisers gave each contestant half a kilogram of black caviar, valued at £800; in total, the event cost approximately £42,000. The winner finished the half a kilogram in one minute and eight seconds.

Level of weirdness? Spending £42,000 on a fish egg eating contest is not just really weird, it makes me feel cold and dead inside. THINK OF ALL THE BURGERS THEY COULD HAVE EATEN.

Fermented Soybean Eating Contest in Mito, Japan: This soybean dish, called natto, is described by the website Kotaku as “fermented beans that are slimy, sticky, and smell like socks”. Yum! The annual event is in its 13th year and has two rounds: one for men and another for women. Each group is challenged to eat 350 grams and 210 grams respectively.
Level of weirdness? If this stuff actually tastes like socks then yes, VERY, VERY, WEIRD.

Natto mixed by Kinchan1 via Creative Commons
Natto mixed by Kinchan1 via Creative Commons

Ball Eating Contest in Clinton, Montana, USA: Our number one weirdest food challenge is in the United States, the country that popularized eating challenges and morbid obesity. Held at the annual Testicle Festival, nicknamed Testy Festy, the contestant who consumes the most bull testicles in ten minutes is crowned the winner. As a spokesperson for the festival explains: “You chase [the balls] down with water, ranch, cocktail sauce, you name it, they’ve got a supply for you.”   Level of weirdness? Weird Al Yankovic would take one bite, and begin weeping because he wouldn’t be able to handle the weird.

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