Monday 26 June 2017

Michelle Lewin's Ultimate Strength Routine

Per Bernal
Need a break from your regular strength program? Working your muscles in a whole new way not only helps bust boredom, it also delivers big-time results. That’s because your body responds best when you challenge it with something new, whether that’s equipment you might not think to pick up or a movement pattern you’ve never tried before. Cover model and Instagram fitness star Michelle Lewin thrives on keeping her workouts fresh by incorporating exercises that hit key muscles from every angle. Try them yourself to amp up your program today.
How to do it: Lewin created these exercises for when her typical routine gets stale. She splits the exercises into two different workouts, taking at least 72 hours in between each to recover.

Our cover: 

Lewin didn’t start out wanting to be the supermodel of fitness on Instagram. She discovered her love of working out almost by accident when training with her husband, Swedish bodybuilder Jimmy Lewin. “It was awesome to see the progress I could make. I started going to the gym all the time. I was stuck!”
Lewin, who was born in Venezuela, was a fashion model before she became immersed in fitness. In 2013 she started entering bikini competitions, and then earned her pro card and finished on the podium at several IFBB events. But she tired of the politics and moved on to focus on her fitness modeling career full time, posting her progress on social media.
Today, Lewin has an astounding 10 million-plus Instagram followers. And while many are likely guys checking out her eye-popping curves, she has a high percentage of female fans. “I try to be the best version of me to inspire others.”
Lewin, who’s often tagged under her nickname #lacuerpa (Spanish for “body”), works hard to maintain her admirable physique. “I have healthy curves,” she notes. “I am proud to be a part of how the body ideal is changing from skinny to fit.” Lewin typically trains five days a week and keeps a clean diet, occasionally allowing herself a cheat treat like tequeños, a deep-fried Venezuelan cheese.
In addition to worldwide appearances at fitness events, Lewin has a new supplement line from Base Nutrition, a “Meal Plan by Michelle Lewis” diet app, and a home-fitness product called Lewin Fitness Platform. While she doesn’t expect things to slow down any time soon, she makes time to do what she loves: “Enjoying yourself and loving others is what life is really all about.”

Workout split

Monday: Quads, glutes
Tuesday: Back, biceps
Wednesday: Abs, calves
Thursday: Triceps, shoulders
Friday: Glutes, hamstrings

On her menu

Breakfast: Protein pancake or chocolate peanut butter overnight oats
Snack 1: Stuffed avocado tacos or tuna tartar
Lunch: Cashew chicken lettuce wraps or noodles with creamy avocado pesto
Snack 2: Peruvian ceviche or yogurt protein cups
Dinner: Teriyaki ginger tilapia or coconut chicken curry

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