Tuesday 14 October 2014

This Vitamin Can Heal Pneumonia in 3 Hours!


It may start out with chills and a heaving cough, but the pneumonia virus can eventually result in accumulation of fluid in the lungs – and oftentimes, death. Every year 50,000 people pass away from pneumonia and influenza, and conventional medicine still has no solution other than the use of antibiotics.
But ask any well-studied physician, and he’ll tell you antibiotics will not help you if you suffer from a viral infection. A weakened immune system and stagnant lymphatic system underlie the predominant cause of most bronchial illnesses, and like every other illness, must be treated as a holistic concern.
Repeatedly, flu shots have been shown to weaken the immune system and store incredibly high levels of toxic ingredients, such as mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde. These unwanted metals and chemicals have been shown to cause neurological problems and oftentimes reproductive issues.
Because flu shots are unsafe, and antibiotics will not relieve a viral infection, medicine offered by nature must again be turned to. Thankfully there is one vitamin that has been documented to kill pneumonia on contact.
In the 1940’s, M.D. Frederick Klenner – and a host of other doctors – documented that adequate dosages of Vitamin C have the ability to cure over 30 different diseases, including pneumonia. This vitamin has received a lot of well-deserved attention in recent years, but not as much as needed. The anti-oxidant can boost the immune system, aid in liver detoxification, boost cognitive function, and protect the body against foreign invaders. It is also known to ‘treat’ the common cold, scurvy, asthma, gout, musculoskeletal injury, high blood pressure, and seasonal allergies (among more).
And in the midst of a fight against pneumonia, Vitamin C can do wonders to support the body’s natural defenses without damaging intestinal flora. Reducing the body’s natural micro flora content to destroy a virus can cause long-term imbalances, therefore opting out of the commonly prescribed anti-biotic route is optimal.
When NaturalNews365 interviewed Dr. Andrew Saul, more information on the power of Vitamin C was captured. The physician shared that in just 3 hours, he healed himself of pneumonia. The video also shares how an adequate dosage of Vitamin C helped a child fully recover from serious upper respiratory diseases naturally.
Vitamin C is essential for bodily health and regeneration. It can be found in all fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, in some sprouted grains, legumes, and seaweeds. One can be as adventurous as they like to gain enough of the essential nutrient, or supplement, though it should be noted supplemental version is not as optimal as fresh.
The power of nature abounds, and healing is possible by working with the body to aid the natural defenses and prevent ‘dis-ease’ in the first place.

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