Friday 7 November 2014


Our minds are incredibly powerful and sometimes that isn’t a good thing.  It is a misuse of imagination to use it to imagine everything that can go wrong instead of using it to create solutions.
you-must-realize-that-fear-is-not-real.-It-is-a-product-of-thoughts-you-create.-Do-not-misunderstand-me-danger-is-very-real-but-fear-is-a-choiseNegative thoughts can have a huge impact on our view of life and our perceptions help shape our experience of this reality.  Do you want to have a better life?  Would you like to be happier and less stressed?
If we change what we pay attention to we may just be able to win over this mental battle long enough to get our life back on track!

Check out this amazing video by Prince Ea about how to overcome stress in 60 seconds!
1. Start out by taking some deep breaths.  When we are full of fear and panic our breathing will be more shallow and our body will fill itself with stress hormones.  Take some time to slow down and just focus on breathing.
2. Focus on the Now.  What is going on right now in this exact moment?  Imagine that nothing exists outside of the room you are standing in.  Are you in physical danger right now?  Most likely the danger is in your mind and is due to a negative perception about a potential future.
3. Recognise that your mind is imagining a possible story.  Yes anything could happen but we don’t know for sure if our boss is going to get mad or if that text message is from an angry friend.  We need to recognise that most of our fears come from our mind telling itself stories.  We over analyse so much that many of our biggest fears will probably never happen.
4. Inspiration to Transcend.  When life is crazy and you don’t know how you will be able to go on; reach outside of yourself.  Do you have a friend, family member or pet that makes your life worth all the struggle?  Remember them, reach out and use them as your motivation to do whatever it takes to change your perceptions from negativity to positivity!
Are you ready to live in a state of Freedom?  Check out the 4 Principles of Freedom videos here!

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