Sunday 16 November 2014

Morning-After Detox Drinks

Partied hard last night? These smoothies will save your day.

We've all experienced those mornings time and again — when the first thought that comes to mind is, I need to detox! Smoothies instantly fill you up and saturate your otherwise nutrient-depleted, sluggish, or overworked body with a glorious abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other rejuvenating elements to help you bounce back STAT. On top of that, they're a snap to whip up.

The Morning After: A night of alcohol overindulgence
hangover smoothie recipe
Recovering from excessive alcohol consumption requires a major renewal of potassium and hydration. Make a breakfast smoothie with a ripe banana, 1-2 cups of milk, and 2-3 tablespoons of honey. This insanely simple, yet delicious combination helps you drink yourself back to health. Make sure you also drink filtered water throughout the day, and feel free to make this smoothie more than once.

The Morning After: A scrumptious, but high-volume, Thanksgiving meal (or two…)
belly soother smoothie recipe
The most delicious day of the year often comes with an extra pound here, some bloating sensations there, and a noticeable bulge in your belly. Your body works overtime after an unexpectedly large, decadent meal. Soothe your stomach with an amazing probiotic-based smoothie made of papaya, coconut yogurt, lime juice, and some raw honey to nourish your gut and help it process the influx of proteins, carbs, and sugars.

The Morning After: A long, sleepless night at a concert or other crowded event 
vitamin c smoothie recipe
When you skimp out on sleep, your immune system weakens considerably. And when you surround yourself with strangers, it needs extra power to fend off the germs. While you should generally nurture your body so it's prepared for stressors, these situations necessitate an extra boost of immunity support. Dr. Oz recommends a vitamin C-filled smoothie of oranges, cantaloupes, strawberries, and tomatoes.

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