Tuesday 4 November 2014

Man heals stage 3 prostate and colon cancers with raw food diet

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Joshua Strayer was once told by seven different specialists that he had stage 3 colon and prostate cancer and that surgical treatment was necessary.(1) Without it, they told the newlywed that his wife might end up a widow in just six short months, a comment that both angered 330-pound Strayer yet propelled him to set out on a healthier path. After hearing the news, he and his wife engaged in research about adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Today, he's healed himself from cancer, saying that his doctors were so amazed that not only did they check and re-check his blood several times, but now actually claim to have made mistake in their diagnosis. Furthermore, he's also 140 pounds lighter, now weighing about 190 pounds.

The dietary changes that healed stage 3 cancer

"I'm almost literally half the individual I was before but exponentially more spiritually and every which way," he tells The Raw Food World CEO Matt Monarch in an interview detailing the journey that helped him develop a healthy relationship with food.(1) He explains that it's a relationship that leaves him feeling fulfilled, not deprived, because so many healthy and tasty options exist.

So, what did he do?

Rather than get involved with the doctor-recommended surgeries and other cancer treatment options, Strayer explains that he cleansed his body with herbal remedies, eliminated processed foods in favor of eating whole foods and that initially, he stayed away from the vibes of negative people.(1)

Today, he enjoys a raw vegan lifestyle, something that he easily transitioned to after a few months on a vegetarian diet. He also cut his salt intake in half and stopped drinking sodas. Strayer says he hasn't looked back. It's a focus that Monarch fully embraces, saying that in order to heal from degenerative diseases and improve overall health, the "key is to eliminate processed foods."(1)

Key foods that help heal cancer

Top foods that have been shown to help heal cancers like prostate include green tea, broccoli and tomato, turmeric, pomegranate, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.(2) In fact, eating a combination of tomato and broccoli has been shown to have a "synergistic effect" in reducing prostate tumor growth by an impressive 52 percent.(2)

The American Cancer Society notes that lack of exercise, being overweight and eating a diet high in red and processed meats can lead to a higher risk of colon cancer.(3) As for prostate cancer, the American Cancer Society mentions that men who eat dairy and fewer amounts of fruits and vegetables tend to have more of a risk than those who eat otherwise.(4)

"If you believe it and commit to it," says Strayer, "you will become healthy and you will heal yourself from anything possible."(1)

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