Saturday 17 January 2015

This Inspiring Fitness Video Celebrates Real Women Working Out (Yes!)


A new video, which features a bunch of sweaty women busting their butts outside, at the gym, on the field, and on the court, has gone viral. Why? It could be because any video that plays "Get Ur Freak On" by Missy Elliott in the background is bound for success. Or, as a more likely option, it's incredibly inspiring.

The women are of all shapes and sizes, and they're determined to get into shape. And that doesn't mean they're trying to get stick-thin. They're striving for health. They want to get their blood pumping, to sweat, and as one can tell by the look in their eyes, they're not apologizing for it.

The video opens with the text "I jiggle therefore I am," which sets the tone for the entire campaign.

And get this: The video wasn't created as an attempt to sell you anything. Instead, it's message to all women around the world that it's perfectly normal and acceptable to have some some jiggle happening as you work out.

The campaign, called This Girl Can, was created by Sport England, a U.K. government agency. The agency did some research and found that 75% of women want to be more active, but they don't because of a "fear of judgment." So they figured that the best way to get women to feel comfortable working out would be to make a video with realistic-looking women — dimpled legs and all — who look powerful, strong, and most importantly, proud.

With sassy one-liners like "Sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox," "I kick balls, deal with it" and "Damn right, I look hot" popping up throughout the video, the message is clear: This is what real workouts look like. There's nothing glamorous about them — no makeup, no perfect hairdos, no uniform body type.
Exercise may not be "pretty," but it's necessary. You've got to keep your body moving in order to stay healthy. And no one can judge that — no matter what you look like. So keep kicking asses, ladies.

Watch the video below to get inspired:

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