Thursday 22 January 2015

Weight Training

Once thought an activity for men only, weight training is becoming popular with both sexes as its benefits are learned.
  • Weight training increases the strength of your connective tissues (tendons and ligaments), muscles and bones.
  • It increases muscle mass, helping your body burn more calories so weight maintenance becomes easier.
  • It increases your general strength, making daily tasks easier to perform.
  • Your body becomes defined and toned.
  • It decreases the risk of bone loss as you age.

When you decide to start your weight training program, consult a trainer or someone at your local gym and have him show you proper form. Lifting weights improperly can cause serious injury.Beginners Weight Training Program:

  • Train 2-3 times per week, training your full body in one session
  • Be sure to train on non-consecutive days. Example: Monday - Wednesday - Friday
  • Be sure to warm up for 5-10 minutes prior to weight training. eg: Treadmill
  • Do 1 light warm up set of 15 repetitions prior to the workout set on every exercise
  • Rest after every set as long as it takes to recover from the previous set
The following is an example of a beginners weight training program
(it is strongly advised that you use caution and only proceed with the following exercises under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer)
 Shoulders Machine Shoulder Press 3 sets / 12-14 reps
 Back Machine ~ Pull Downs 3 sets / 12-14 reps
 Biceps Barbell Curls 2 sets / 12-14 reps
 Triceps Machine - Cable Pushdowns 2 sets / 12-14 reps
 Chest Pec Dec 3 sets / 12-14 reps
 Legs Leg Curl 3 sets / 12-14 reps
 Calves Machine - Standing Raises 2 sets / 12-14 reps
 Abdominals Crunches 3 sets / 12-14 reps

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