Wednesday 23 November 2016

How Complaining Physically Rewires Your Brain to be Anxious And Depressed!

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Every single one of you surely has a person in life which is always too negative and keeps complaining about his/her problems in life.
Those negative persons are simply dissatisfied with everything, they always face injustice, they are victims, and just keep talking about things never being good enough.
You get used to these people over time, but their attitude towards life takes a lot of your energy and drains you completely.
Here are several different types of draining energies, all of which stream from one core value – negativity.
Let us be sincere, we all complain from time to time, and we are not even aware of it. According to Dr. Robin Kowalski, professor of psychology at Clemson University, everyone complains at some point, at least a little.

Complainers can be of several types:

Sympathy Seekers: Those people are fishing for attention, and they constantly complain that everything is ruined and bad, and they always have it “worse than you do” attitude.

Vent-ers:  These displeased people just won’t follow any advice and won’t listen to your offered solutions. They would just complain about their problems, and that is their therapy.

Chronic Complainers: These people complain about everything that happens to them, and researchers call it “ruminating.” They are thinking and complaining about the same problem, again and again, leading to worry and anxiety, as they never feel a release after complaining.
Yet, no one can just ignore problems and become a positive person out of the sudden. Negativity is normal and it stimulates us to reset the system. Yet, if you are excessively negative, you should definitely do something about it, as it will bring nothing but more negativity.
According to Donald Hebb, a neuropsychologist, neurons which fire together, wire together. He actually states that groups of neurons connect in our brain caused by particular life experiences.
Whenever we think a thought or have a feeling or physical sensation, we trigger thousands of neurons and they gather to create a neural network. The brain triggers the same neurons with repetitive thinking.

Therefore, if you are focused on worries, problems, and negativity, your brain will bring up the same negative thoughts.

The thought patterns wire the brain to provide a positive or negative reaction in a certain situation. Therefore, it is up to us whether we will remain the same or we will  become more positive in life.

We will suggest four ways to avoid negativity and start thinking more positively in life:
-Catch yourself: Catch yourself in a complaint, and stop it on time! You will give up this habit over time and you will be very happy about it!
-Be grateful: You should feel gratitude even for the smallest things in life.
-Practice wise effort: You should let go the things that do not help you and cultivate only the skillful ones.
-Make a new groove: Allow yourself to remember the good things and memories, and this will reprogram your way of thinking, and you will start concentrating on the bright side of life.

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