Saturday 10 June 2017

Hurdler Suffers Gruesome Injury and Finishes Race!

Editor's note: The video above contains graphic content, especially at the 1:44 mark.
Being an athlete inherently calls for both mental and physical strength. Brenna Porter, though, took it to a new level at the NCAA West Regionals when she finished a 400m race after suffering a gruesome injury when she fell at the very first hurdle. The Brigham Young University hurdler immediately got up and kept running, not noticing the huge laceration on her calf and the blood dripping her leg.
"When I was coming around the fourth turn, my leg felt super wet. I thought 'either I'm sweating really bad or bleeding really bad,'" Porter said in the video that BYU released following the incident. But she never even thought about stopping, which she chalked up to instinct and practice. It was only after she spoke with her mother and sister after the race that Porter saw the gigantic gash.
People trip on hurdles all the time, but the result of Porter's fall looks more like a scene from Shark Week than a hurdling injury. "I've never seen anything like that," assistant coach Kyle Grossgarth said in the video. "It was really a freak accident, what happened."
She may not have won the race, but the sophomore showed serious grit and an inspiring amount of drive by pushing through with such a gruesome injury. And, of course, she shared some wise and motivating words following the incident.
"It's the struggle, not the success, that matters," Porter said, "and there's a lot more to running than winning. Obviously, you want to do your best, and you want to win, but I think that there's a lot to learn from it and a lot of character to be built. As long as you're working hard and you finish what you've started, I think you have succeeded."

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