Thursday 27 December 2018

Staying healthy during the holidays!

Staying healthy during the holidays can be tough.
"During the holidays it's tempting to overeat and sometimes over drink," says Tommy Parrish, the Director of the LifeStyle Centre at Covenant Health. "You have Christmas parties and family coming in. A lot of time it's just self control."
And Parrish says that self control starts at home.
"Make your portions smaller and be active as much as you can," Parrish explained. "Get out and walk, come up to the fitness facility, get on the treadmill, do your strength training."
Add steps in wherever you can, even when you're doing your holiday shopping. 
"Park a little ways further away from the door," Parrish explained. "That's always a simple way of getting extra steps in." 
Parrish says every little bit helps and adds up quickly.
"We need to move our muscles," explained Parrish. "When you move, you're burning calories. It might be a few or a lot but we want to make sure we're moving as much as we can."
And don't wait until New Year's Day. 
Today is just as good as any day to jump start into a healthier you.
"Start today is the biggest thing you can say," Parrish said.
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