Friday 25 January 2019

5 Superfoods You Can Take with Coffee!

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The intoxicating fragrance of the coffee is the first thing to wake a person from deep slumber. Indeed, its goodness can’t be denied. It consists of antioxidants which help in fighting against numerous diseases including lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes.

As the coffee is gulp down, the entire heart and soul is relished and contended. The goodness of coffee can be enhanced by adding some superfoods with it. To know more about these superfoods which can be added to coffee for improving its benefits, one can find a doctor at docprime.
  1. Cinnamon: It is an amazing idea to sprinkle the coffee with some cinnamon which helps in improving the health of the heart and helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels. Cinnamon helps in enhancing the antioxidants and can help in cutting down the chances of heart diseases. Moreover, its awesome flavor can help in kicking away the nasty sugar and cream, as besides cinnamon nothing is desired in the coffee. Thus, it’s an excellent idea for lowering the calorie count in the coffee. For finding more about the benefits of cinnamon, one can find a doctor.
  2. Cocoa: One can try adding cocoa to coffee for a healthy chocolaty treat. The idea is not to melt the entire chocolate bar in the coffee. Yes, a bit cocoa can be added to coffee for improving its benefits. Unsweetened cocoa (the fermented seeds of the cocoa) has numerous health benefits. Cocoa has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help in maintaining the cholesterol levels, boosting immunity, reducing blood pressure and maintaining type 2 diabetes. Even mocha can be made at home without adding sugar and drizzling it with some maple syrup for enhancing its taste and vitality.
The raw cocoa consists of a stimulant, theobromine which is a vasodilator. This means theobromine helps in widening the blood vessels and enhancing the flow of the blood throughout the body. The better flow of blood to heart and brain can result in enhanced energy. Raw cocoa is also rich in magnesium and iron which play a vital role in producing energy in the body.

Raw cacao contains a phytonutrient in abundance called flavonols. Flavonols are found to enhance visual and cognitive functioning. In addition to it, raw cacao has also been found to result in the rise in the flow of blood to the brain which helps in enhancing the functioning of the brain.

One of the other phytonutrient present in coffee in abundance is polyphenols. The studies reveal that polyphenols help in boosting mood by rendering calmness and satisfaction.

Although caffeine present in coffee can result in a rise in anxiety, yet, when it is mixed with cocoa powder it helps in reducing such anxieties and helps in boosting attention span. In case more information has to be drawn, one can find a doctor.

  1. Coconut oil: For all those who long for sweet coffee, why not ditch those hazelnut creamers and artificial sweeteners with vanilla essence and pick coconut oil for a tropical natural sweetness. There are numerous health benefits associated with coconut oil like it helps in losing weight and helps in avoiding the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It can also help in adding amazing flavor to the coffee and its creamy texture is beyond any comparison.
Coconut oil can also help in boosting immunity. It is rich in two fats, caprylic and lauric acid. These two fats fight against different types of infections such as fungal, viral, microbial and bacterial. Caprylic and lauric acid help in preventing the growth of harmful bacteria like candidiasis in the gut and helps in improving immunity. Coconut oil is rich in MCT oils (medium-chain triglycerides) which are exclusive short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids can be easily broken down into ketones in the body and helps in the immediate release of energy. To get more information about the goodness of coconut oil with coffee, a person can find a doctor.

  1. Butter: How about buttering the coffee? Great idea, indeed! In fact buttered coffee is gaining popularity among athletes, celebrities and even health-conscious people. The secret is that butter added to coffee helps in offering more energy to the body and helps in improving the functioning of the brain. Besides it helps in losing weight, especially for those who are on a ketogenic diet. For adding a slice of butter, one should opt for the butter taken from the grass-fed variety as it is richer in omega-3 and vitamin K in comparison to the normal variety. Find a doctor online, to know more about the benefits of butter with coffee.
  2. Cardamom: The “queen of spices,” cardamom is well known for its excellent rich and warm flavor. In ancient period, cardamom was used for treating diseases like gum infections and tuberculosis. It has antimicrobial properties which can help in counteracting with the bacterial infections like those caused by E.coli. Moreover, it is a breath freshener which can help the person to interact with anyone with confidence as there are no inhibitions due to bad breath. A person can find a doctor to find out how cardamom can be beneficial with coffee.
During the morning rush hours as the coffee is brewed, one should not forget to add the dash of one of these superfoods to enhance its goodness and vitality. Cardamom is rich in antioxidants and can help in maintaining the blood sugar levels and help in keeping heart disease at bay. Raw cocoa can be added to coffee for improving immunity, lowering the chances of type 2 diabetes, maintaining cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. Adding coconut oil to coffee helps in fighting against Alzheimer’s disease and helps in boosting immunity. One can add a slice of butter to coffee for increasing the energy levels and improving the working of the brain. Cardamom can be added to coffee for fighting against bacterial infections.

For finding more in this regard, a person can find a doctor. So, why not smell the coffee beans with some extra goodness of superfood in it to keep the disease and infections at bay.

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