Friday 18 January 2019

Expelled researcher sets up 'new Cochrane'!

Expelled researcher sets up 'new Cochrane' image

Once the hallmark of independent medical research, the Cochrane Collaboration has accepted a grant of over £1m from the Bill Gates Foundation and summarily dismissed its most outspoken researcher, Peter C Gotzsche.
Now Gotzsche is setting up a Cochrane alternative, the Institute for Scientific Freedom, and is looking for crowd-funding to get it going.

Gotzsche, a co-founder of Cochrane, has over the years criticised mammogram screening, the lack of good evidence for the flu vaccine, and the dangers of the HPV vaccine.

But after the Gates' donation, the Collaboration reversed its views about the HPV vaccine and started producing damning reviews on taking supplements. And in a show trial, as Gotzsche described it, he was expelled last September. He may also lose his job at the Rigshospitalet hospital in Denmark, where he works.

But because "scientific freedom, honesty and integrity are constantly under attack" from the drug industry, Gotzsche believes it's vital that a truly independent research voice exists.

He is planning to launch the Institute for Scientific Freedom in March, and is seeking crowdfunding


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