Monday 28 January 2019

NHS will charge healthy Brits for genetic tests that ‘predict dementia and cancer risk’

 Seriously ill patients will get the DNA test for free which will be able to predict the risk of diseases including Alzheimer's and cancer
HEALTHY Brits will be charged by the NHS for a genetic test that promises to predict the risk of cancer and dementia.

Paying patients will be offered a DNA test that will be able to come up with a forecast.
The DNA test promises to enable early diagnoses of diseases like cancer and dementia Testing will also be offered to seriously ill patients for free, with the Government planning to roll the scheme out to paying customers within a year.
Each will be given a health report but will have to share the data with researchers working to improve the understanding of diseases.
However, some doctors have questioned whether the plans could overwhelm hospitals and surgeries, and raised concerns that the analysis may not be accurate, according to The Times.
Genomics England, the DNA testing agency given the task of developing the test, said: “There will be detailed development work and planning to include the likely content of such an analysis, how this may be delivered to volunteers, and the potential consequences and benefits for the NHS.”
Various genetic testing kits designed to be used at home have become widely available, costing about £150.
The NHS will be offering whole genome sequencing for an estimated few hundred pounds, which will give a much more detailed examination.

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