Saturday 27 February 2016

Red Algae - An excellent Source of Magnesium

Red Algae is naturally rich in calcium and minerals, harvested from the clear waters of Iceland. Calcium contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and muscles.
The Seaweed- derived mineral source, is rich in calcium, magnesium and 70 other trace minerals including zinc, iron and selenium. It is produced from the red algae which absorbs essential minerals from the sea. This gives its unique multi mineral content. The algae then break down naturally and settle on the seabed. These calcified skeletal remains are harvested, washed, dried and milled into this unique multi mineral supplement. Nothing is added and clear vegan capsules are used. The Red algae offers a wide range of minerals from a single natural source. This makes it highly bio-available and the human body easily absorbs the nutrients. The minerals work together and the overall health benefits are enhanced.

Red Algae for Constipation Relief

Abby's Red Algae Testimony

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