Thursday 18 February 2016

The Top 5 Supplements for Men

by Seth Browning

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You walk into a supplement store intending to pick up a multivitamin. Simple, right? But once you begin browsing you’re whisked away by someone who says you need three other products, ranging from Blue Algae to Volcanic Minerals. You leave asking yourself, What the hell just happened? You’ve blown your budget and suddenly have all sorts of new ailments to treat.
The health-and-wellness industry is bigger then ever, and it’s vying for your attention and your money. As the saying goes, there’s a sucker born every minute, and believe me, I’ve been one of them. The fact is, the average American doesn’t get enough of certain key nutrients. (Not even close.) But that doesn’t mean you need to drink tree bark and fill up your shopping cart with pills.
Over the years, through personal injury and illnesses, I’ve done research, picked the brains of holistic pros and asked MDs, What do we need the most? Here’s what I’ve discovered (and what you’ll find in my medicine cabinet). The benefits range from better digestion and reduced inflammation to improved concentration and happiness! Here they are, my top five supplements for men, ranked.

1. Probiotics
These little microorganisms can save your ass. Science is saying now more than ever that illness—and health—starts from the gut. This positive bacteria can not only improve digestion but, according to the Mayo Clinic, can actually shield you from “bad” bacteria. Additional research says probiotics can boost immunity, lower the risk for diseases across the board and even assist in weight loss and the prevention of obesity.
2. Omegas
These fatty acids have been praised for doing everything from healing injuries to helping with ADD. According to Harvard University, this essential fat—important for reducing inflammation—has been shown to prevent heart disease and stroke and to lower your blood pressure. Many athletes I know say they heal from injuries quicker and are able to move better with this supplement in their routine.
3. Vitamin C
This one’s responsible for promoting collagen and repairing tissues in the body. Research also shows it can protect against heart disease, high cholesterol and cancer. Vitamin C can also give you energy, and according the Mayo Clinic can even boost your mood! It’s a top choice among beauty experts for great skin, too, because its antioxidant properties fight off free-radicals and delay the aging process. Your body doesn’t store it long, so making it part of your daily regimen is important.
4. Vitamin D
Americans are rapidly becoming an indoor society. We spend hours and hours under fluorescent light and are deprived of the sunlight we so desperately need. Vitamin D is key for calcium absorption, giving you healthy bones and teeth. Some experts are now saying it can even prevent certain illnesses—MS, diabetes and cancer among them. Oh, and heads up, British studies show that some men reported better cognitive functioning and memory.
5. Ubiquinol
Also referred to as CoQ10, Ubiquinol is claimed to be one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants. It’s a naturally occurring substance that we need more and more of as we age. Research says it fights off oxidative damage big time and increases cardiovascular health. A powerful double-blind, controlled study recently showed that after an increase of Ubiquinol in Olympic athletes, their peak performance dramatically improved. I personally feel my cardio and breathing have improved after consistent use of Ubiquinol.

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