Sunday 24 December 2017

Vegan Cake Truffles!

Do you ever accidentally fall asleep in the evening and then wake up wondering if you should go about the tasks you had planned to accomplish or just call it a day and go to bed? I just did that. I even chose “just crawl in bed and worry about it tomorrow,” but then the guilt kept me from falling back to sleep. There is just too much to get done. So I think this post is part of a “check off half now and worry about the other half tomorrow deal” I’ve worked out with myself.  Maybe a few photos of cake truffles, little balls of chocolate-covered cake, will snap me out of it!

That’s right. I said chocolate covered balls of cake. Last night, after making the Vegan Lover’s Pizza Casserole from Meet the Shannons, I decided to try another blogger recipe I’d marked to make, too: Singer in the Kitchen’s Dark Chocolate Cake Truffles. Because it seems I can’t properly read a recipe in advance, I made the entire box of Naturally Nora’s cake mix, so rather than waste half a cake, I decided just to double the recipe and keep the extras in the freezer. I was intending to audition the recipe for my little man’s birthday party, so I’d need to make more than the 20 balls next time, anyway.
These vegan cake truffles are delicious, so easy to make, and there’s something oddly satisfying about smashing (okay, crumbling) an entire cake. I made the balls early in the evening, stuck them in the freezer, and by 11 pm or so they were ready to dip. Even with doubling the recipe, two chocolate bars seemed to be enough to coat them all. I didn’t have any sprinkles around, so instead, I melted a few tablespoons of vegan white decorator chips, whisking with a tiny amount of nondairy milk, and drizzled it over the chocolate-covered cake balls.
I wasn’t all that neat since this batch was just for us, but when I make these for the little man’s birthday party, I’ll be a little more careful. I think I’m going to drizzle the chocolate-covered cake balls with red and white vegan chocolate to match the Cat in the Hat theme. Oh, and they’ll need sticks! Kids love cake pops! Fun, right?

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