Thursday 28 December 2017

The Mind Diet: A Guide to a Sharper Brain!

You must have heard of the ancient saying: “You are what you eat.” What this quote actually means is that “Your brain responds according to what you eat.” Not much beguiling, but definitely supported by science. And we all love science, don’t we?
The next question that will probably be nagging on top of your mind is- Can eating smartly actually make you smarter? A lot. Believe it or not, but there are lots of superfoods that can run your brain in a better way and prevent dementia.
While you should never rely solely on superfoods to keep your memory sharp, snacking some of the brain foods can aid in building a mammoth mind and preventing memory loss. Assemble up as we are going to discover some real food for thought here.
Your brain is a small organ with a massive potential to generate, innovate, evaluate, learn and carry out different intellectual tasks. It is a strong organic machine that can control every thought, feeling, and movement while calculating within seconds and reacting with swiftness.
The brain has a capacity to store an unlimited amount of data in the form of texts, concepts, and images.Unfortunately, our brain with all of its unbelievable capabilities starts to decline at some point, and even in this era, there is nothing much we can do except to hope for a miracle. There is nothing offered by the pharmaceutical arena to date that can reverse memory loss.
That said, there is still a solution to cure a failing brain with dementia. Yes, you heard it right. There are a lot of things that are not meant to be mentioned on a prescription pad but are backed up by science in order to preserve the brain cognition and to help restore the memory loss.
We are all exposed to a risk of brain degeneration at some point. Statistically speaking, living up to the age of 85 years means your chance of developing Alzheimer’s is 50 percent. So, it naturally makes sense to do everything in your power to nurture your brain.
Which super foods can help improve memory? You may ask. The answer is, you have a lot to choose from but always keep in mind that your brain is a picky eater, so you have to be careful.

1.      Eggs

Eggs are chock full of protein, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids. Eggs are also high in tryptophan, an amino acid, which is the building block of the happiness hormone- serotonin. Many researchers have found out that whole eggs are the #1 source of choline which 90% of the people don’t usually get through their diet.
Choline is a precursor of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter which is vital for its role in sharp memory and quick focus.

Also, choline is the precursor to another important nutrient- citicoline. Now, citicoline can be found in pretty much any cell, but its actions in brain cells are appraisable. It enhances the blood flow to the brain and increases the utilization of glucose; thereby, increasing your memory and focus.

2.      Coffee

Do you feel a bit embarrassed about your coffee habit? Well, now you shouldn’t. This ancient brew is being studied for new benefits, and it turns out preventing memory loss is actually one of them!
Recent studies indicate that drinking a few cups of coffee on a daily basis can not only stop the cognitive decline but can also prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease from taking over your brain.
For middle-aged people, coffee can do wonders like reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s up to 65%. If you are a woman who consumes over 261 milligrams of caffeine regularly then congratulations! You are 36 percent less vulnerable from developing dementia as studied by Johns Hopkins University.
It is about time you stop feeling bad about your caffeine addiction and start giving the brew some respect.

3.      Fish and Nuts

As per a research published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, memory decline can be stopped by high consumption of omega-3 fatty acids. What are the foods that provide your brain omega-3 fatty acids? Fish. It looks like grandma was right, fish actually is a superfood for a sharper memory.
What do these fatty acids do? They can increase the amount of gray matter in the human brain which can help in improving cognition and fighting off memory loss.
Not a fan of seafood? We’ve got you covered. Nuts can be regarded as an equally important source to get all the omega-3 fatty acids. Walnuts and almonds are particularly good for protecting the brain from the harms of free radicals and in doing so, preventing dementia and increasing cognition.
Walnuts are particularly high in DHA, a kind of omega-3 fatty acids which can protect the brain in infants and enhance the cognitive skills in adults. This is the tip to literally go nuts over!

4.      Blueberries

Are you worried about age-related memory loss? Blueberries are here to help. As per a research presented at the  American Chemical Society, blueberries are like housekeepers of your brain. They sweep away the substances that can ultimately lead to the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s.
Thank us and the compound anthocyanins for this all-natural remedy for improving brain cognition. Additionally, these small berries can work magic due to a high concentration of anti-oxidants and can help in improving memory and stopping dementia from getting a hold on your brain.
Blueberries can also be your very own basket of happiness, especially for those who are depressed. Research has indicated that eating blueberries significantly reduce the biochemical and genetic drivers behind suicidal tendencies and depression.
Not only this but these little magical berries can also successfully treat other mental problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

5.      Spinach

Do you fear dementia and want to prevent it, or at least delay it for as long as possible? Here is the tip for you- Make spinach your best friend. Spinach is something you can use to prevent a lot of diseases like damage to DNA, tumor growth, and even cancer.
Additionally, it has a tendency to slow down the aging of the brain and, thereby, increasing cognition.  Lutein and Zeaxanthin are what makes spinach so miraculous and prevent the brain from facing a decline in cognition. These green leaves are literally swimming in vitamin E which has a potential to protect nerve cells in the brain.
Vitamin B in spinach and other leafy green veggies can not only improve the brain function but can also prevent shrinkage in specific areas of the brain that are directly connected with Alzheimer’s disease.
Take a look at this list of some other superfoods for the brain that might seem to prevent memory loss:
  • Broccoli
  • Avocadoes
  • Whole wheat grains
  • Dark chocolate
  • Beans
  • Olive oil
That’s it. If you are really determined to improve memory and keep dementia and Alzheimer’s disease at arm’s length, these tips are pretty much all you need to do. Always keep in mind to steer clear of a diet with high levels of sugar and fat in order to keep your brain healthy as long as it is possible.

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