Sunday 31 December 2017

Scientists seek funding to research health dangers of aluminium in vaccines!

A group of scientists is looking to raise Euro550,000 through crowdfunding to investigate the potential side effects of aluminium salts in vaccines such as the DTP (diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis) and HPV jabs.
The scientists say they want to come up with the definitive answer about aluminium's safety as many parents suspect it is causing serious harm, while drug companies are not properly responding to their fears and carrying out thorough research.
The money will fund five research projects that will be carried out by the Cochrane Reviews team in Copenhagen, which will re-examine around 2,500 previously-published studies that have looked at aluminium in vaccines. Lead researcher Christiaan Gluud said: "It's well known that there is no valid analysis of the aluminium adjuvants used in vaccines, including the HPV" (the human papilloma virus vaccine, which is designed to protect against cervical cancer). The vaccine hasn't been tested against a control group vaccinated with regular salt water".
Aluminium salts have been routinely used in vaccines for more than 80 years to improve the immune response, but parents fear it is causing neurological problems in their children. One parent is Danish actress Lone Hertz, who is a member of the Fastcare group that is launching the crowdfunding project, and whose son suffered brain damage after a vaccination. "It's important we give parents the best information possible so that they can make a better-informed decision," she said.
Fastcare's leader is Mette Kenfelt, whose daughter almost died soon after being given the HPV vaccine. "No scientific research has been done to evaluate the clinical trials of vaccines with the newer aluminium salts. This is incomprehensible when we have spent years being told that vaccines only contain approved and safe elements," she said.
She points out that drug companies recently spent Kr 5 m (UK£400,000) in Denmark promoting vaccines when some of the money could have funded research into their safety.

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