Wednesday 20 December 2017

Would you rather: Jump Rope vs Jogging!

Which would you rather do: hit the road jogging or smash up the pavement with your jump rope? Jogging is a staple – lots of people figure it must work because everyone is doing it. Our position is that while jogging is good, jump work is best. We are starting a jump rope revolution, and we want to everyone on the planet to know how efficient and awesome jumping rope can be. Today, we’ll comparing and contrasting the benefits and risks of jogging and jumping rope. Buckle up!
To frame our discussion, we first want to remind you that you’re an investor. We all invest our time every single day. Time is the most precious resource we have, we all have a limited amount and we can’t get anymore, no matter what we do. When you start thinking about yourself as an investor, you’ll start thinking more seriously about the activities you’re investing in. Are those activities actually giving you a worthwhile return on your investment?

Increased Calories Burned

Let’s start with the jump rope. One of our recent videos talks about how jumping rope burns up to a staggering one thousand and seventy-four calories per hour. By comparison, the 300-500 calories you’d be burning in that same time frame jogging looks tiny. If you learn to love jumping rope, then this choice will be incredibly easy.

Lowering your Risk of Injury

This is a question we actually get pretty often here at Zen Dude Fitness: what has lower risk injury, jumping rope or jogging? Some people wonder if jumping repeatedly puts them at risk for knee or ankle injuries.
Don’t worry, jumping rope isn’t actually that high impact. In reality, you’re not actually coming that far off the ground when you’re jumping rope – only one or two inches.
This means that there is almost no risk of hurting your body, especially if you are jumping rope with the form we teach here at Zen Dude Fitness. If you are focused on hitting the ground between the balls of your feet and the tips of your toes, staying upright with good posture, you don’t have to worry. This helps to put all the stress on the muscles, where you want it, and not on the joints.
When you are jogging you are putting your entire body weight on one foot at a time. That puts a lot of stress on your knees, your ankles, and your hips. When jumping rope, most of it is on two feet. In that case, you are distributing the weight evenly and that puts you at much lower risk of getting injured.
Recent research has shown that up to 80% of people who jog regularly have at least one injury per year. That means that four out of five people that take up jogging will get injured within a year.
Now there hasn’t been any research done on the rate of injury for jump rope. What we can say is that among the hundreds of thousands of people we’ve seen participate in the Zen Dude Fitness community and accountability groups, injuries are rare. We are trying to get you sore, which means your muscles are working and getting fit, and not injured and back on the couch!

Less Time Exercising

We often ask our community and accountability groups what their biggest challenge is when it comes to achieving their fitness and body goals. For so many people it just simply comes down to having enough time. Most people are insanely busy, and as we said earlier, time is a precious resource. To try and fit a workout in while balancing work, family, social life, and a ton of other responsibilities is very difficult.
That’s why we believe so strongly in jump rope workouts here at Zen Dude Fitness. We want you to always be able to get a workout in, even if it’s just five minutes, and we want that workout to be as effective as possible.
As for jogging, it is true that you can get a pretty good workout in if you just head out your front door and run around the block ten times. But to get anywhere close to the number of calories that you can burn with jumping rope you would need to go for a two to three hour long jog. That is a lot of time that most people just don’t have. With jumping rope you can get the same results, or better, with a 30 to 45 minute session.

More Fun

Jumping rope is something that you can do just about anywhere, you can pick up your rope and go to a parking lot, a park, the beach, or at home. You can even go up to a mountaintop if you want. There really aren’t any limits to the places you can go with jumping rope. It can be an adventure every time.
Jumping rope is also a skill with infinite variations, unlike jogging. It’s not like there is just one thing you can do with a jump rope – honestly, the only limit is your imagination. There are tons of jump rope tricks you can learn, so as time goes by you are constantly going to be teaching yourself new tricks and challenging yourself to perfect the ones you have already learned.
Now, if you are a diehard jogger and that’s what keeps you moving, that’s great and by all means keep doing it. But if you’ve recently taking up jogging just to get yourself moving and you are feeling a bit bored already, then give jump rope a try.
It burns more calories per time spent, has less risk of injury, and its more fun! To help get you started and addicted, here are some links to How To Get Started On Jumping Rope, Jump Rope For Beginners, and also a Basic Jump Rope Workout. If you need a jump rope, go have a look at the CROSS ROPE, our rope of choice. There’s even a 10% discount on it for you! ‘Til next time Zen Dudes.

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