Tuesday 30 September 2014

Is it true Vitamin D Helps prevent Cancer?

Written by Dave Murphy- Health Coach and Natural Cancer Cure Advocate 

The truth is no matter how good you eat, no matter how good you shop for the best quality organic foods, it is impossible to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. This is because the soils that the fruits and vegetables are grown in are mineral deficient soils and therefore the food is also mineral and vitamin deficient.

This is why it is also so important to supplement with good quality “food grade” supplements that your body can actually easily absorb. Supplements are now offered right here on the CYOC site. Studies have shown that at least 51% of the population is vitamin D deficient and it is very difficult to get adequate vitamin D from diet alone.

You can also get vitamin D from the sun if you expose 40% of your body to sunlight between 11am -1pm for 30 minutes. But for most of us working indoors and geographically not having good daily sunlight, supplementation makes the most sense. But spending time in the sun is definitely good for you in moderation.
Vitamin D has been shown that it is non-toxic, reduces hypertension, lowers blood pressure and helps reduce flu infections, helps with pain relief and depression.  This is all great news but what’s even more exciting is what recent research has shown. When we have adequate vitamin D serum levels, studies show that the incidence of breast cancer, type I diabetes, multiple sclerosis and colon cancer can be reduced as much as 67-70% within only 5 years!

In addition to preventing cancer the exciting news is also for “in-stage” cancers. People with proper serum levels do twice as well with dealing with their “in-stage” cancer because it helps to slow or in some cases, prevent cancer growth. People with proper serum levels are 50% less likely to die or to have re-occurrence.

 30 Experts from all over the country agree on what the blood serum levels should be of hydroxyvitimin D which is 40-60 ng/ml. It is difficult to say what you need exactly in IU/day to get your serum levels up because every-one's metabolism, diet and sun exposure is different. So for most of us, taking 2000 IU per day helps to increase these levels and is very safe. However for people who are fighting cancer, levels can be increased to as much as 5,000 IU/day. Increasing vitamin D intake to 200 ng/ml has been proven to have no toxic effect.

It is important to know what are your serum levels are so you can establish a base line. This is suggested to be done in March when your vitamin D levels are generally the lowest. To get information on how to get your serum level tested, check out grassroutehealth.net

Its also important to know that when increasing your vitamin D levels, you need to keep your vitamin A levels somewhat low as vitamin A competes at the same receptor levels. So it is recommended to not intake more than 1000 IU/day of Vitamin A.

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